May 26, 2021 #SustainableChile #Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Construction of Haru Oni, the first green hydrogen-based e-fuel project in Chile, has begun

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The plant is expected to start operations during 2022.

From the extreme south of our territory, Chile is creating the future. The first green hydrogen and synthetic fuels project in our country will be located in the Magallanes Region, an environmentally friendly fuel that will be key for the world to reach the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Haru Oni of Highly Innovative Fuels (HIF) is a project that brings together both the public and private sectors, and Chilean and foreign entities. The owner of the plant is Chile's HIF, and it is backed by Enap, Germany's Siemens and Porsche, and Italy's Enel Green Power, among other companies.

The project considers the construction of a plant for the production of this ecological fuel, a 3.4 MW wind turbine and a 13 kV backup transmission line. The plant will be located on an area of approximately 3.7 hectares within the Tehuel Aike property in Punta Arenas, while the project will occupy a total of 5.7 hectares. Construction of the plant is estimated to take eleven months.

The project will obtain green hydrogen from water with wind power, and then, through a synthesis process with CO2 captured from the atmosphere, methanol will be produced. From this, a gasoline will be obtained that can be used in conventional vehicles without modification, making transportation carbon neutral!

It is expected to produce 350 tons per year of crude methanol and 130,000 liters of gasoline per year. Both fuels will be stored in tanks and transported in trucks to Puerto Mardones, some 35 kilometers from the project, for export. In this way, Chile will play a crucial role in supplying the world with a competitive fuel that does not generate emissions and is environmentally friendly.

Magellan's green hydrogen potential

According to a study by the Ministry of Energy, the Magallanes Region could produce 13% of the world's green hydrogen due to its immense wind energy potential, considering that the estimated annual wind power generation in the region could exceed 7 times the current electricity generation of the Chilean electricity matrix.

According to the research, Magallanes has one of the best wind resources at national level, reaching an estimated potential of 126,000 MW.

Do you want to know what Haru Oni will look like? In this link you can take a virtual tour of the project:

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