May 16, 2024 #ChileDiverse

VII InvestChile International Forum: Investment projection doubles for the next 5 years

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In relation to 2023, estimates increased from US$ 18,329 million to US$ 37,170 million, according to data from the Capital Assets Corporation, with the mining sector being the largest investment attractor. 

According to Chile's Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel, "Chile's image abroad is that of a serious, stable country where the rules are clear for investors".

"The record figures of foreign direct investment show that foreign companies trust our country. Chile has clear rules and is capable of resolving its challenges with more democracy", said President Gabriel Boric at the VII InvestChile International Forum.

In addition, the president insisted that "we have to believe the story that Chile can and has tremendous opportunities". According to figures from the Capital Goods Corporation, investment projections for the next five years doubled to US$ 37.17 billion. In the case of mining, Minister Mario Marcel emphasized that this would have tripled after the approval of the royalty, going from US$ 5,414 million in 2023 to US$ 18,881 million in 2024.

According to the Secretary of State, this tax "has allowed activating investment projects that were waiting for further definitions, and this has meant that in the last year for the period 2024-2027 we have had a very significant increase" . He also pointed out that "when tax issues such as the mining royalty are resolved, investment, far from being reduced, is reactivated due to this greater security".

Chile's solid image

In relation to how these projections strengthen the country's image in the world, Marcel stressed that "Chile has a very strong image as a serious country, a stable country that values foreign investment and has opened up to the world". Along these lines, the director of Invest Chile, Karla Flores, assured that "Chile has a privileged position to offer investment opportunities that are key to the global challenges. The invitation is to trust, invest, stay and grow together". 

The Minister of Finance spoke at this forum on the context, challenges and projections for the country's economy. "Between the social outbreak, the pandemic years and the overreaction of economic policy in 2021 we had a lot of volatility, but Chile is already back on a terrain of stability and resilience, which is a strength for the economy and also for the climate that foreign investors need," he explained . He added in relation to this that "our goal is to reduce by one third the processing time for investment processes".

The InvestChile International Forum allows foreign investors to learn about the different investment opportunities in our country, as well as the economic strategy and public policies regarding investment. If you want to know more, click here


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