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The vibrant nature of the Maule Region

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July 30 is the day on which the Maule Region is celebrated. Located in the center of Chile, this region has a variety of landscapes stretching from the coast to the Andean foothills. Nature reserves, rivers, lakes, valleys and vineyards. Here you can disconnect from the city and immerse yourself in the vibrant nature of this part of the country.

Radal Siete Tazas National Park:

This park, located in the foothills of the Andes, has several trails you can explore with your family, with excursions to viewpoints that will allow you to appreciate the "Siete Tazas" (Seven Pools) and its waterfalls in an environment surrounded by native species such as oak, ñirre, hazel, coigüe and radal. Among the iconic views are "the bride's veil", a 50-meter-high waterfall, and the El Bolsón sector, a large esplanade in the middle of the mountains where you will find the famous hill called "Colmillo del diablo" (the Devil's Fang) due to its curious appearance.

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Altos del Lircay National Reserve:

An unmissable destination for those who love trekking. This reserve has several trails with different levels of difficulty, to captivate both beginners and experienced adventurers. The best-known routes are the Laguna El Alto, Mirador, Valle del Venado and Enladrillado. The latter consists of a particular geological formation with large ocher-colored blocks. The excursion can take up to ten hours there and back. The reserve is located in the middle of a mountain forest and features lagoons. Endemic animals such as pudúes, condors, foxes and Chilean eagles can also be seen.

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Colbun Lake:

Also known for being the largest artificial reservoir in Chile, Colbún Lake abounds with water sports options and you can also immerse yourself in adventure tourism. Water skiing, kayaking and sailing are among the most popular activities, and you can also enjoy horseback riding and bird watching. In this sector located in the foothills of the Maule Region, you will find a variety of cabins and campsites, ideal for spending a weekend immersed in nature, where you can end your tiring day relaxing in a hot tub.

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Maule Coast:

The Maule Region has several beaches that will surprise you with their waves and high-quality seafood cuisine. Constitución and Curanipe are already well-known surf destinations in Chile. Also known as "La perla del Maule" (the pearl of Maule), Constitución is the foremost coastal city in the region, as well as the final stop for the historic Talca - Constitución railroad branch, which dates back to 1892 and runs along the northern bank of the Maule River to its mouth. Further north is Iloca, which offers horseback riding, boating, body boarding and excursions, and the picturesque Duao fisherman's cove.

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Cajón del Río Achibueno Nature Sanctuary:

Twenty kilometers from Linares in the southeastern part of the Maule region you will find this sanctuary with its crystal-clear waters and centuries-old forests. In Cajón del Río Achibueno there is a diverse range of native flora such as litre, hawthorn, canelo, mountain cypress, peumo and quillay, as well as endemic animals like marsupials and vizcachas. Within the sanctuary is the Cordillera Los Quemados Park, an ideal sector for camping and that will dazzle you with its "salto de las ánimas" (waterfall of the spirits).

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Curicó Valley and Maule Valley:

A visit to the Maule region is incomplete without discovering Chile's rural traditions and the region's wine heritage. This region is home to two of Chile's main wine-producing regions: the Curicó Valley and the Maule Valley. You can visit vineyards and wineries that produce different varieties of red, white and sparkling wine, including centennial varieties like País (also known as Mission) and Carignan. In this region, wineries that continue to use traditional artisanal winemaking methods coexist with state-of-the-art wineries that seek to win over palates in Chile and around the world.

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*In Collaboration with Chile's National Tourism Service (SERNATUR).

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