May 26, 2021 #ChileSustentable

Sello S and Marca Chile join forces to promote sustainable tourism companies

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The Chile Brand Use Program will allow Tourism Service Providers to incorporate the Chile Brand in different promotional and communication supports.

Thanks to the joint work between Fundación Imagen de Chile and the National Tourism Service (Sernatur), which seeks to harmoniously develop our industry, an alliance was created between the Sustainable Tourism Seal - Seal S and Marca Chile.

This joint image alliance will allow tourism service providers, who have made an effort to have sustainable practices through the S Seal, to carry the Chile Brand and be a source of national pride to represent the values they want to transmit abroad.

"The Chile brand is associated with origin, identity, quality and trust. It is also associated with work for Chileans," said the executive director of Imagen de Chile, Constanza Cea. "That is why it is very important for us that more organizations join and are proud to carry the Chile brand, and even more so if they are recognized for their sustainable practices," she added.

Using the Chile brand not only adds value to the products and services, but also allows us to continue building our brand together globally and increase the preferences of our products and services around the world".

In this way, the S Seals will be authorized to use the Chile trademark through an abbreviated process -without the need to go through the application process-, since the S Seal is formalized as a benefit.

Whatdoes the Chile Brand Use Program consist of?

The program consists of licensing the use of the Chile Brand as a Seal in the promotion of products or services (labels, packaging, stationery, website, among other media), in order to position the value of the origin in the national and international market.

The formalization process has 4 stages:

Step 1: Register at and perform self-evaluation. You will receive an email with a username and password.

When writing in the form the name of the company, add in brackets(Seal S). in order to identify the company and enable the abbreviated process. Example: Company Name (Stamp S)

Stage 2: Completion of the form and submission of background information for evaluation.

Stage 3: Development and approval of designs with the application of the Chile Brand.

Stage 4: Signing of contract (Protocol of Use of Chile Brand).

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