October 13, 2013 #ChileDiverse

Chilean project wins Global Intel Challenge in Silicon Valley

A group of young Chileans won first place in the Intel Global Challenge developed in Silicon Valley by the University of Berkeley California, which seeks innovative technology entrepreneurs from around the world with high-impact projects.

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The team won among 18,000 competitors from 60 countries with a jacket equipped to act as a monitoring station in mining or any site industry.

The garment is equipped with a set of portable sensors that collect data on the environment and biomedical signals of the worker, transmitting them in real time through devices or a smartphone. University of Chile graduates Mauricio Contreras, Eric Atenas (Electrical Civil Engineering) and Jorge Morales (Industrial Design) realized their idea based on their respective theses.
The three identified the need to capture online information about the environmental conditions of workers in industry, such as dust, noise, lighting, and oxygenation, among others.

The young people were awarded a prize of US$ 50,000 and support for the international take-off of their venture, including access to leading venture capitalists and investors. The creators of the jacket are part of the innovation and development (R&D) company Solunova, from where they hope to offer a complete service to the industry.

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