May 28, 2020 #ChileDiverse

Opportunities and challenges for the internationalization of Chilean companies

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In times where people are more connected than ever and geographical barriers are no longer obstacles, an opportunity is opening up for Chilean entrepreneurs to expand their borders and contribute to the country's image through their talent. With this objective, Imagen de Chile addressed through this first webinar tips to internationalize business and adapt to a new way of exercising leadership and organization when working remotely.

"We want to provide entrepreneurs with tools so that they can be active ambassadors of Chile's image around the world. We want to support you, but we also need you. Every time one of you goes out into the world, you show a part of Chile and tell about our talent through your products and services. With how connected we are through the Internet, geographical barriers are not an impediment to explore new markets and we believe that entrepreneurs will be key to strengthen our brand and contribute to the image and competitiveness of Chile," said Constanza Cea, executive director of Imagen de Chile.

The guest speaker in this first webinar was Chilean Rafael Achondo, Co-founder and CEO of Matteria, a Colombia-based recruiting company specialized in attracting and managing talent for organizations committed to a sustainable economy, who spoke about the opportunities and challenges of internationalizing business in the times we are living in and how to adapt to new markets.
"The way an entrepreneur does business abroad reflects the country's image and that has to do with how you land and get involved in a new market. In this webinar we wanted to contribute by highlighting the importance of a very human leadership in times of such uncertainty, in addition to seeing the challenges, opportunities and cultural richness of establishing business operations in other countries, even more so when working remotely," said Rafael Achondo.

Among those attending this virtual seminar, which is part of a series of five meetings that will be related to areas such as tourism, investment and digital marketing, were representatives from the world of Chilean entrepreneurship and innovation such as Start-up Chile, Socialab, Endeavor and the Association of Entrepreneurs of Chile (Asech), as well as other strategic partners of Imagen de Chile and companies that are now part of the Chile Brand Use Program, who through their products and services, contribute to the image of our country with their products and services.
About Imagen de Chile:
Imagen de Chile is the organization whose mission is to promote the image of Chile at the international level to contribute to its competitiveness through the management of the country brand.

In this sense, its role is to manage the Chile Brand, articulating the work of the main sectors that build image, such as culture, sports, exports, investments, tourism and international relations.
In this way, we generate alliances with public and private actors, aligning key messages around Chile and making visible, through our actions, the distinctive qualities of our identity.

About Rafael Achondo:
Rafael Achondo is Co-Founder and CEO of Matteria, a recruitment firm specializing in attracting and managing talent for organizations committed to the sustainable economy. He is also co-founder and former partner of Pegas con Sentido Chile, former Commercial Director of TECHO, and co-founder and former CEO of TECHO USA.
Rafael is also an ambassador for Sistema B, a member of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network and a member of the Board of Directors of TECHO Colombia.


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