December 03, 2021 #ChileDiverse

Sayings, the Cordillera and Solidarity: Imagen de Chile Launches Study on Pride in Being Chilean

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A new version of the "Chilean Pride" study prepared by Imagen de Chile measured how proud people are of being Chilean, as well as the different elements that identify them. In addition, the analysis addressed the contingency in aspects related to the pandemic and the Constituent Process. A 54% of those surveyed expressed a high level of pride in being Chilean.

The natural beauties, the privileged skies for astronomy and the quality of our export products are the key elements that provoke the most pride among Chileans. This, according to the latest study of Chilean pride released by the Fundación Imagen de Chile.

"As Imagen de Chile, we have the mission to monitor how our country is perceived in the world, and in turn understand how Chileans see ourselves and what makes us proud. In this third version of our Chilean Pride study, we gathered which are the characteristics that most distinguish us, so as to know how milestones of the last year have been perceived, such as the convention and the pandemic, and to take the temperature of how we evaluate ourselves", said Constanza Cea, executive director of Imagen de Chile. Solidarity is consolidating as what characterizes us most. And the importance of how we are perceived abroad is growing, in addition to an important focus on sustainability in what we are proud of and what we want to make known to the world", added the executive director of Imagen de Chile.

According to the study, prepared in conjunction with the Directorate of Studies of the Catholic University (DESUC), 91% of those surveyed said that the geography and diversity of natural beauties make them very proud, followed by the privileged skies for astronomy (88%), the quality of our export products (70%) and the strength of Chileans to face challenges (55%).

Regarding how proud people feel of being Chilean, 54% of those surveyed said they feel very proud, 4 points above the previous measurement. When asked how proud they are of Chile, 34% said they were very proud, while 47% said they were proud.

Achievements in science and environment are milestones that generate pride, especially the astronomical achievements (82%), the construction of Cerro Dominador (75%), being one of the first countries in the world to have more than 80% of the target population vaccinated (71%), that our capital is one of the cities in the world with the highest number of electric buses (56%) and the development of "Start Up Chile", a state program to support entrepreneurship that has led Chile to be a center of projects at regional level (54%).

"It is valuable that one year after the launch of our Chile Creating Future strategy, which seeks to show Chile's contributions to the world through talent, there is consistency between what Chileans value and what has been the focus of the communication that we have led from Imagen de Chile," said Constanza Cea.

As for pride in the management of the pandemic, 86% of respondents say they are proud of the work of health professionals, followed by the installation of the Sinovac vaccine plant in Chile (56%) and the response of the national health system (54%).

A joint convention

As in the previous version, the new survey included questions about the constitutional convention, to find out how proud Chileans felt about it. Sixty-five percent of those surveyed responded that they were very proud that the convention was made up of equal numbers of men and women. This was followed by the fact that the convention included members of indigenous peoples (59%) and that it was led by a woman (51%).

Chilean identity: opposing views

Since 2019, the "Chilean Pride" study analyzes the different characteristics with which Chileans feel identified. In recent years, the people consulted mostly describe the Chilean as a "solidary" person (43%), to which are added the values of hardworking (16%) and resilient (15%).

However, respondents also portray Chileans as consumerists (35%) and individualists (22%), characteristics that showed slight increases in relation to the last survey.

As for the symbols that Chileans are proud of, the Andes Mountains are still the most popular, with 42%, followed by copper (16%), wine (8%) and the cueca (6%).

"Por si las moscas" and "mandarse un condoro": The expressions most frequently used by Chileans

Chileans, among many other things, are characterized by having multiple expressions unique to the country, many of which are often related to animals. When asked which sayings people use the most, "por si las moscas" (just in case) took first place with 28% of the preferences, followed by "mandarse un condoro" (18%) and "pasarlo chancho" (11%). Other expressions mentioned were "darse una manito de gato" (9%), "ser pavo" (8%), "estar pato" (7%) and "estar como piojo" (1%).


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