August 22, 2022 #ChileDiverse

Los Creadores launches the sixth version of its digital talent award for schoolchildren

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This award is organized by Fundación Kodea, El Mercurio, TVN and regional media, and is supported by various organizations, including Imagen de Chile. Winners of previous versions of this award -such as Huemul Safe and Can Reflect- have been protagonists of international campaigns of Imagen de Chile.

Los Creadores presented the sixth version of its School Digital Talent Award at the BCI Nace Center and with the presence of Imagen de Chile, among other organizations that make it possible.

The call for entries was launched for the first time on April 21 to commemorate Creativity Day. Since then, Los Creadores has accompanied students and teachers in the process of applying and creating their projects with the "Escuela de Creadores", a training program that includes workshops and classes where participants learn new tools, turn their ideas into innovative technology-based solutions and thus solve real problems in their communities and the world.

Winners of previous versions of Los Creadores have been protagonists of international campaigns of Imagen de Chile, which show the world how Chilean talent is creating the future. This was the case of Huemul Safe, a solution to help rescue endangered huemul deer in Aysén, and Can Reflect, a project to reuse beverage cans for agriculture. Both initiatives, by Chilean schoolchildren from Aysén and Maule, respectively, were part of the "Chile Creating Future" campaign.

The Los Creadores Digital Talent Award is organized by Fundación Kodea, El Mercurio, TVN and Regional Media and seeks to identify and give visibility to creative minds that develop innovative solutions using technology for concrete problems in their community and, in this way, install early innovation in the classroom.

The application process will be open until October 12 and students from all over Chile between sixth grade and fourth grade who are up to 19 years old can participate by sending their project to Among the applicants, 16 winning groups will be selected, one per region, who will be recognized with an experience in Santiago, where they will announce the national winner who will travel to Boston, United States, to visit the cradle of global innovation and meet with experts from its ecosystem.


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