October 20, 2023


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At Nuterra Foods, we focus on offering healthy and natural foods in retail format. We market professional quality flours of different types, gluten-free oats and mueslis. We offer 13% protein flour, Wholegrain flour (100% wholegrain) with 13.4% protein, Rye flour, in 5 kilos format with biodegradable packaging and 1 kilo format (recyclable packaging), ideal for sourdough preparations and homemade pizzas prepared at home. Our flours are produced in Chile with national and imported high protein wheat. We focus on offering superior quality flours within everyone's reach. We offer Flour of Strength 13% protein 5 kilos, Flour of Strength 13% protein 1 kilo, Wholegrain Flour (100% integral) with 13.4% protein 5 kilos, Rye Flour 5 kilos (biodegradable package), Gluten Free Whole Oats 1 kilo, Gluten-free instant oatmeal 1 kilo, Muesli fruits and seeds 700 grams, Muesli 4 seeds 700 grams, Muesli maqui 700 grams, Muesli chocolate & coconut 700 grams, Muesli apple cinnamon 700 grams. Value proposition: We offer nutritious and healthy food free of seals.


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