March 03, 2016 #ChileDiverse

Chilean animation after the Oscars

During his visit to La Moneda, Patricio Escala -producer of "Historia de un Oso"- commented on the near future and the next steps of Punkrobot Studio: "I don't know if (the next feature film) will be about the expansion of 'Historia de un Oso', but that is the path. We also have other projects to work on and what it's all about is finding the ecosystem to attract private and foreign investors in a film. I can say for now concretely that we are working on two new series and we hope they will be supported by Chilean TV channels. We are also supporting the development of the animated film 'Nahuel and the Magic Book', which benefited this year from the funds".

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The Oscar-winning studio's plans are consistent with the projection of the success derived from the Academy Award, which opens the door to greater opportunities for Chilean animation. A niche that is in permanent search of development and resources, which today acquires unprecedented visibility. In this regard, Pablo Christiny - executive director of the Audiovisual Festival for Children (FAN) Chile -told El Mostrador that he is confident that "this triumph will motivate greater public and private investment that will allow animation and particularly children's content in our country to take off definitively".

For Christiny, "Historia de un Oso" is a historic triumph in that it "demonstrates that small independent studios, in the corner of the world, can make quality productions that are capable of competing with and beating the big studios like Pixar". Erwin Gómez, director of the Chilemonos animation festival, joins in the enthusiasm: "For us the future has finally begun, for so many years Chilean animation has struggled to grow and become an industry and today, thanks to this magical short film, which defeated giants, we are closer to fulfilling our dreams".
The Chilemonos Foundation itself recently formed an exclusive alliance with Cartoon Network, with the consolidation within the industry that this entails. The non-profit organization will develop for the first time the contest "New Animation Series for Cartoon Network", where ideas in short animation format for the Latin American signal will be presented. The winner will receive three thousand dollars and the possibility of developing their project with this great international network.

Currently, the Chilean Animation Association (Animachi) is made up of 17 studios and 10 registered independent professionals dedicated to the production of 2D or 3D animated content. They are mostly young professionals who come from graphic design and, more recently, from the specialized Digital Animation career already offered by several Chilean universities and study centers. With a growing number of members, the projects are only increasing and growing.


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