May 24, 2023 #Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Inaugural City Index 2023 Ranking: Santiago is the second-best city in Latin America

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Santiago de Chile is the second-best-evaluated city in Latin America after Mexico City. This is according to the brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance in its "Inaugural City Index 2023" ranking, which places our capital among the 100 best cities in the world.

The list is prepared annually, taking into account aspects such as the best place to live and work locally or remotely, as well as to study, retire, visit or invest.

Santiago was positioned as the place with the "greatest growth potential" in the region, known for being a modern and cosmopolitan city. Another attributed recognized was its abundant "green spaces and leisure", thanks to its location next to the Andes Mountains.

"I am pleased that Santiago has been recognized as one of the best-evaluated cities by this ranking. It is an honor to be placed on the list alongside other great cities in Latin America," the metropolitan regional governor, Claudio Orrego, told Fundación Imagen de Chile. He added, "this recognition is the result of joint work between the city's inhabitants, the private sector and various levels of the State, which have contributed to making our city a modern, cosmopolitan place with a good quality of life. The challenge now is to keep improving, especially in safety, beauty and equity. Additionally, our Andes Mountains are presented as a great opportunity to attract visitors and position Santiago as a tourist destination."

Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires follow Santiago in the ranking, prepared annually by Brand Finance.


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