April 25, 2021 #ChileSustentable

Imagen de Chile and Sistema B sign an alliance to promote sustainability

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With the aim of promoting an image of Chile based on the promotion and development of sustainable policies and the generation of solutions that have a positive impact on society, the economy and the environment, the Fundación Imagen de Chile signed an alliance with the non-profit organization Sistema B Chile.

Through this agreement, Imagen de Chile will invite institutions and companies that are part of Sistema B to join the Program for the Use of the Chile Brand, to link the origin with their products and services, and in turn to the values associated with the management of our country brand such as reliability, diversity, tradition, creativity and sustainability.

"Sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars with which we seek to position Chile abroad. In recent years, our country has taken important steps in that direction and has set ambitious goals such as achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The values that drive the B organizations are aligned with our Chile Creating Future strategy, so we are happy to incorporate them as strategic partners and look forward to several opportunities for collaboration," said Constanza Cea, executive director of Imagen de Chile.

Sistema B Chile is a corporation that supports the construction of favorable ecosystems for B Corporations and other actors that use the strength of the market to solve social and environmental problems.

"As Sistema B we are very pleased with this alliance with Imagen de Chile and proud of this recognition of the companies that every day put people, society and the environment at the heart of their business. In addition, this alliance will allow B Companies to show and expand their products and services to the world, reflecting abroad the great sense behind these Chilean companies", said Zdenka Astudillo, Executive Director of Sistema B Chile.

Currently, more than 175 organizations are certified as B companies in Chile.


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