July 24, 2020 #ChileDiverse

Image of Chile and Santiago 2023 unite through sport

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For the next three years, Santiago 2023 will be the ambassador of Chilean and Pan American sport, whose driving forces are the athletes, the sustainable legacy and the community, in a unique opportunity to showcase the identity of our country to the world. The richness, diversity and talent that characterizes us are integrated into the image of these Games.

This new alliance between Imagen de Chile and Santiago 2023 (the institution in charge of organizing the next Pan American and Parapan American Games), aims to give greater visibility to this world-class event, which at the same time, translates into an opportunity to amplify characteristic attributes of our country, such as territory, culture, identity, in addition to the talent of Chilean athletes. It will be a key post-pandemic event for Chile, a country that will once again host international events.
"We are happy to sign an alliance with Santiago 2023. Sports and national athletes have always been real ambassadors of Chile's image, because their talent and effort have reached all corners of the world. This collaboration makes a lot of sense, because it will help us show millions of spectators around the world the best of our country: its territory, its diversity and its talented people. This event will undoubtedly be an opportunity to strengthen our country's image and unite us as Chileans around sports," says Constanza Cea, Executive Director of Imagen de Chile, the public-private institution in charge of promoting our country abroad and guardian of the "Chile Brand", the seal of all Chileans.

On the side of Santiago 2023, the Executive Director, Felipe De Pablo, particularly enthusiastic about this alliance comments: "The organization of this mega sporting event must seek strategic partners that will lead us to promote it, not only in Chile, but also abroad. It is of crucial importance for the success of the Games. That is why we are tremendously proud to have joined hands with Imagen de Chile, which will help us to go out to the world, to show what Chileans are doing for and for the most important sporting event in the Americas. They have a vast experience in unveiling the best attributes of this beautiful country, of our identity, of our treasures. With this agreement, we have sealed a stamped passport to the entire world for the Santiago 2023Games.
The Santiago 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games are already working on the organization of this event that is expected to bring to Chile more than 8,000 athletes from 41 countries of the Americas and thousands of tourists in a sustainable, athlete-centered and community-based event.


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