August 31, 2020 #ChileDiverse

Imagen de Chile and Fundación AMA come together through art and culture

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With the aim of promoting Chilean culture and art in the world, Imagen de Chile has signed an alliance with the AMA Foundation (FAMA). Chilean talent, in all its dimensions, is an important branch of Imagen de Chile's work, which seeks to show the world how creative ideas are born from our country that can be a real contribution beyond our borders.

"Art and culture are key to making our country's identity known. Every Chilean talent that goes out to the world to exhibit their works is showing in some way what identifies us as Chileans. It is impressive how through a work and an artist you can learn about the customs and thoughts of the inhabitants of a country. The fact that FAMA is a promoter of these instances is a great pride and a tremendous opportunity for Chilean men and women to conquer the world with their ideas and creativity", says Constanza Cea, executive director of Imagen de Chile.

Fundación AMA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination and support of Chilean and international contemporary art, which seeks to create cultural spaces of global reach. It was founded in 2008 by its president Juan Yarur Torres, who is a member of the acquisition and artistic support boards, as well as an active donor to The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), the Americas Society and the ICAA of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and The Tate Modern (London). FAMA also generates international networks that allow artists, agents and cultural institutions to create collaborative instances, such as grants, residencies, research programs, donations and loans of works to international museums.
"Since the beginning of Fundación AMA we have always considered art, artists and research as the fundamental engines of national and international culture. As we have grown as a Foundation, we have realized that our role must try to embrace more and new formats of dissemination and promotion, thus broadening the spectrum of our work. It is for this reason that today it is a tremendous pride to be able to announce this alliance with Fundación Imagen de Chile. It also means an incredible possibility to continue our work, now together, with more strength and conviction so that Chilean art and talent continues to have more and better international presence", says Juan Yarur Torres, president of Fundación AMA.

Another important way to support the process of internationalization of Chilean art is through sponsorship of art exhibitions both in Chile and abroad, through the loan of collection pieces to different national and international institutions. FAMA is focused on continuing to set precedents in the cultural world through the generation of archives that broaden the knowledge of contemporary art inside and outside Chile.



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