September 14, 2022 #Image of Chile

Image from Chile to screen "I am the Earth. Stories from the end of the world" during Climate Week in New York

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  • The documentary will be shown on September 22 at the DGA Theater as part of the largest annual climate change event in the United States, thanks to a collaboration with the International Festival of Social Innovation (fiiS).
  • The featurette film shows the efforts of Chileans to combat climate change in five thematic areas. It was directed by Maite Alberdi and produced by Fábula.

The efforts of Chilean men and women to confront climate change will hit the big screen at the most important annual sustainability event in New York. On September 22, Imagen de Chile will present the screening of "I am the Earth. Stories from the end of the world" as part of Climate Week and the Global Citizen Festival 2022. This annual event brings together international leaders from business, government and civil society to discuss and present initiatives on climate change. It takes place between September 19 and 25.

"We're so proud that the efforts of Chileans against climate change will be seen on one of the most important stages for sustainability in the world," stated Constanza Cea, CEO of Imagen de Chile. "This documentary has an international focus; it looks to connect with audiences at an emotional level, showcasing talent in a geographical setting that allows them to make a significant contribution," she added.

The screening will be held in collaboration with the International Festival of Social Innovation (fiiS) and Global Citizen, for an audience made up of decision makers, opinion leaders, representatives from the public and private sphere, academia and civil society, and key journalists covering sustainability and cinema.

"We're very happy to be able to work in collaboration with Imagen de Chile and Global Citizen on this joint effort," said Jonathan Herzfeld, co-founder and executive director of fiiS. "It fills us with pride to present these stories that show the best of our country and our people, and allows us to share stories about how our country is working for a sustainable world every day," he added.

Over 46 minutes, the film takes the viewer on a journey to discover different initiatives and cases where Chileans are contributing to mitigate the effects of climate change, from large-scale projects and scientific innovations, to day-to-day citizen actions, all of which are collectively necessary. The focus of this documentary is to show how Chile is contributing to an issue that affects all of humanity, such as climate change, in five thematic areas: sustainable agriculture; forest and biodiversity conservation; renewable energy; the water crisis; and astronomy.

The featurette film was directed by renowned director Maite Alberdi, who was nominated for an Oscar in 2021. She worked alongside unit directors María Paz González, Sebastián Fernández and Santiago Correa. It was produced by Fábula, the production company that won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2018 for "A Fantastic Woman".


  • "I am the Earth. Stories from the end of the world".
  • General Manager: Maite Alberdi.
  • Unit Directors: María Paz González, Sebastián Fernández and Santiago Correa.
  • Production Company: Fábula.
  • Executive Producer: Ana Martín-Buitrago.
  • Music: Estudio Miranda & Tobar.



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