December 18, 2019 #ChileDiverse

Imagen de Chile holds breakfast with licensees of the Brand Use Program

The main topics discussed at the meeting were the country's current situation and the need to generate a positive impact on Chile's image both nationally and internationally through Chilean products and services.

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About 20 guests from different national brands belonging to the Brand Use Program of Imagen de Chile arrived this morning to the breakfast organized by the foundation. The purpose of the event was to spend a pleasant end-of-year moment, as well as to learn about the main needs that these SMEs have had after the social outbreak and to look for solutions together.

The different licensees took the opportunity to tell how the use of the Chile brand has brought them opportunities and benefits that they did not have before, in addition to sharing ideas to jointly enhance the different brands, achieve greater visibility and continue building the country brand together.

The event ended with a group photograph.


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