April 24, 2021 #ChileDiverse

Imagen de Chile inaugurates cycle of round tables "Chile Creating Future".

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With a meeting with the main representatives of the innovation and entrepreneurship sector, the Fundación Imagen de Chile kicked off the cycle of sectoral working groups "Chile Creating Future", which seeks to align the main participants of each sector -both public and private- around a common work of building a country brand.

"As Imagen de Chile we aim for all of us who are building Chile's image to have a joint message. To the extent that we are able to articulate a common message and show what we want to highlight about Chile, we will have more strength and more capacity to show something that is consistent not only with what we are, but with what we want to be," said the executive director of Imagen de Chile, Constanza Cea. "That is what our new country brand strategy Chile Creando Futuro aims to achieve.

The event was attended by representatives of Start-up Chile, ProChile, Endeavor, Social Lab, Sistema B, Mujeres Empresarias, Asech, G100.

The next meetings of the sectoral roundtables will focus on the following themes: culture and art; tourism and sports; science and knowledge; and business and exports.

The Foundation's mission is to coordinate and articulate the main actors that build the country's image, so that, rescuing our origin and identity, and recognizing the good initiatives that are born from Chile to the world, we can project and give visibility to our country with a discourse that makes us proud.



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