April 13, 2023 #Image of Chile

Image from Chile Encounter in the press

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International speakers, public institutions and entities from different sectors participated in our Imagen de Chile Encounter. Revisit the event with Chile's leading news media.

"Building the Chile Brand"

Todd Babiak is a Canadian businessman, writer, expert in place branding, collaborative work and storytelling, and the co-founder of Story Engine and Places are People. He is also the CEO of Brand Tasmania, an organization with more than 500,000 partners that promotes that Australian island and inspires its residents, generating social, cultural and economic benefits.

In an interview with Chilean newspaper Las Últimas Noticias, Babiak explained how the identity of its localities is what determines a country's image, using as an example the work that has been done to position the Australian island of Tasmania as a world renowned, award-winning place.

"Identify defines the country brand"

Larissa Perdomo, the head of Uruguay's Marca País (Country Brand), and Todd Babiak, CEO of Brand Tasmania, were two of the featured speakers at the Imagen de Chile Encuentro 2023.

At the event, the two agreed that finding an identity based on the local culture is crucial for strengthening a country brand, and further concurred that the work to position a country directly impacts its attractiveness to tourists and foreign investment.

In an interview published in Chile's Diario Financiero, the two talked about the relevant role that political stability, credibility and culture play in adding value and attracting investment.




Image of Chile