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H8MENAJES: Imagen de Chile highlights female talent in Women's Month

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As part of the commemoration of a new Women's Month, Imagen de Chile invited eight writers and eight illustrators to pay tribute to eight other great Chilean women: the result is a network of 24 women united by the passion and talent that moves them to create a better future for the world.

To commemorate Women's Month, Imagen de Chile invited 8 writers and 8 illustrators to pay tribute to 8 other outstanding Chilean women who, from science, sports, entrepreneurship and culture, are contributing with their work to the creation of the future. The result is H8MENAJES, which is available on the website:

"We want to pay tribute to the national female talent by uniting 24 women who from different fields are contributing to create the future, talented women, who from their initiatives and ventures are crossing borders, and are portrayed by talented national illustrators and their stories are written by Chilean authors. This is an invitation to these 24 women to connect through the strength and passion that moves them to create a better future," said Constanza Cea, executive director of Imagen de Chile.

The honorees are:

  • Astronomer Laura Pérez, a doctor in astrophysics recognized worldwide for her discoveries and for opening a window to the universe from the Chilean skies. Illustrated by: Paloma Amaya. Text by Carolina Pareja;
  • Founder and general manager of Infiniski, Loretxu García, who is developing bioclimatic architecture and sustainable construction projects to improve people's quality of life. Illustrated by Carola Josefa. Text: Julieta Marchant;
  • Rapa Nui pianist and concert pianist Mahani Teave, who has taken the music and culture of Rapa Nui all over the world, in addition to teaching it to new generations in the school she created on the island. Illustrated by Trinidad Guzmán. Text: María Paz Rodríguez;
  • National Literature Prize winner Isabel Allende, the world's most popular Spanish-language writer and a tireless advocate for women's rights. Illustrated by Holly Jolley. Text by Teresa Paneque;
  • The captain of the Chilean national soccer team, Christiane Endler, the best goalkeeper in the world according to The Best. Illustrated by Paulina Andrade. Text: Constanza Michelson;
  • Chilean biologist and ecologist Bárbara Saavedra, director of the Wildlife Conservation Society; illustrated by Jo Jiménez. Text Claudia Andrade;
  • The chef and first Chilean to obtain a Michelin star, for the restaurant Nub (Tenerife, Spain) Fernanda Fuentes. Illustrated by Camila Olivares. Text by Isabel Ossa;
  • The author of "Mi Duende Mágico", Bernardita Astaburuaga, who, together with a great team, created a playful world for children to grow up playing and learning as a family. Illustrated by Consuelo Ovalle. Text: Antonella Andreani.

About this initiative, Paloma Amaya assures that it was an honor to create the illustration of the astrophysicist Laura Pérez, because she is fascinated by anything related to the study of the universe. "In my work I always incorporate elements related to the sky and that magical sense of mystery that makes me look at it and wonder what lies beyond what we can see," said the illustrator. "I love this kind of initiatives, because I personally grew up in the 90s with very few female referents not because they did not exist but because they did not have visibility. I think it would have helped me a lot in my path and in my self-esteem to have seen and recognized more easily in my fellow women strong, independent, idealistic, creative, fighters and who are just like you, they are people who sometimes come from very similar places to where you come from", she said.

Chilean chef Fernanda Fuentes, who lives in Spain, also appreciated the initiative. "To have been part of this tribute and to be among women I admire and respect is an honor. It is extremely important to give visibility to the work that so many women do in different fields and in this way we can be examples for others, empower others and open the way for future generations to see that it is possible to make their way without questioning their abilities for reasons of gender," added Fernanda Fuentes.

This is not the only action that Imagen de Chile has promoted to position our country from Chilean talent. Since 2019, the organization has sought to tell Chile from the talent of Chilean men and women, through the "Chile Creating Future" strategy, such as the network of Chileans Creating Future, the Chile Creating Future work tables and the different campaigns that seek to showcase Chilean talent. "We have developed a series of initiatives such as the campaign "Chile, Creativity that Inspires the World", which seeks to highlight Chilean creative talent abroad, based on our poets Gabriela Mistral, Nicanor Parra and Pablo Neruda", said the executive director of Imagen de Chile.



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