November 03, 2023 #ChileDiverse

Frutas de Chile donates 48 tons of fresh fruit for consumption by athletes at the Pan American and Parapan American Games Santiago 2023

The contribution includes seasonal fruits such as apples, kiwis, pears, tangerines and oranges, which will contribute to the healthy nutrition of athletes.

Each athlete is expected to consume almost 2 kilos of fruit per day for the duration of the competition.

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The delegations of athletes participating in the Pan American and Parapan American Games, Santiago 2023, will consume a total of 48.6 tons of fresh fruit for the duration of the sporting event, food donated by the country's fruit producers and exporters.

Frutas de Chile (formerly ASOEX) made a historic donation, including 26.3 tons of apples, 11.4 tons of mandarins, 8.2 tons of kiwis, 1.7 tons of oranges and 1 ton of pears.

The fruit comes from the regions of Valparaíso, El Maule, O'Higgins and La Araucanía, and will be distributed to athletes at the Cerrillos Olympic Village. Additionally, fruit will be delivered to all those attending the games, through the "Carritos de Frutas de Chile", located in four places where the competitions take place: National Stadium, O'Higgins Park, Peñalolén Park and in the international zone of the Olympic Village.

"As Frutas de Chile, we wanted to be present at the 2023 Pan American Games, not only because of the importance they have for Chile and the countries that will be attending, but also because we know that fresh fruit is an important part of the diet of athletes. In addition, Chile is internationally recognized for the quality, sweetness and safety of its fruit, which has made it the main fruit exporter in the southern hemisphere," said Iván Marambio, president of ASOEX.

Passion for Sports

Frutas de Chile's commitment to sports and healthy living, and the Pan American Games in particular, began with the carrying of the Pan American torch, showing the passion for fruit and sports that exists in this organization.

"We wanted to be part of these Pan American Games, from different angles, donating fruit, but also being part of Chile's joy at the arrival of this international competition. Being able to carry the torch filled us with pride and allowed us to be part of this celebration of sport," said Ignacio Caballero, marketing director of Asoex.

The marketing director of Asoex, along with thanking the support of the companies participating in this donation, was very satisfied with the good reception of the athletes: "We are very grateful to Frusan, Dole, Agricom - Westfalia and Unifrutti for their contributions".

Source: Frutas de Chile press release. Available at the following link


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