April 20, 2021 #ChileDiverse

"The Mole Agent" Is On A Mission To The Oscars

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Sergio Chamy, star of the Chilean film that will compete on Sunday for the Academy Award for best documentary, posted a photograph on his Instagram account on Monday in which he appears riding on a plane wearing a mask and mask, heading to Hollywood. It is the first time he leaves Chile, he said.

"I tell you that I was proposed a new mission and you don't know how many times I thought about it. I couldn't make up my mind," he wrote. "Today, at 87 years old, I am leaving on my first trip to Los Angeles to represent Agent Topo at the Oscars. I want to represent those who know that at this stage we can start over and that it's never too late for anything. And to those who don't believe it, to motivate them."

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