January 22, 2021 #Knowledge & Science

Creating future from Chile to the world: The largest science and innovation event in Latin America celebrates its 10 years with a 100% digital version

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Between the 18th and 21st of January, a new edition of this Chilean annual event will take place, bringing together some of the most brilliant minds from the scientific world, to think about the future of our society and the planet.

80 national and international speakers will gather virtually for Congreso Futuro, the event that is launching its first totally digital version, due to the current global context.

The largest science, knowledge and innovation encounter in Latin America celebrates 10 years of bringing citizens and the most brilliant talents closer, promoting reflection upon global challenges and creating future from their own fields.

Among some of the most noticeable speakers this year we will find Physics Nobel prize winners Kip Thorne (2017), Didier Queloz (2019) and Reinhard Genzel (2020), Economic Sciences Nobel prize winner Joseph Stiglitz (2001); futurist and transhumanist entrepreneur Martine Rothblatt; and Lucianne Walcowicz, PhD in Physics and astronomer from Adler Planetarium. Eli Pariser, author of the New York Times bestseller "The Filter Bubble", book about the dangers of the web information algorithms, will also be speaking. 

From the national set of speakers, we can find Chilean physicist and Universidad de Chile professor, Jocelyn Dunstan, who created -together with a team of researchers from Chile and the US- an algorithm capable of predicting country obesity figures based on the local diets. Also Felipe Tapia, investigator from the Max Planck Institute, who's collaborating in the development of a vaccine for COVID-19, and Teresa Valdés, Gender and Equality Observatory coordinator and 2003 recipient of the Elena Caffarena Award in the "Science and Education Investigating Woman" category. 

This 10th anniversary will be seeking to reflect specially on how to inhabit this times of uncertainty, in the complex context we are living, to contribute in the creation of a better future and a more prosperous society for all. 

See their agenda on congresofuturo.cl



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