December 21, 2023 #SustainableChile

Green Hydrogen Action Plan Strategic Committee delivers working document to advance the development of this industry

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In the activity, held at the Central House of the University of Chile, the document was presented as a result of the work carried out by 10 cross-cutting representatives from the political world and civil society, among them, former President Michelle Bachelet and former Minister of Energy, Juan Carlos Jobet.

The Strategic Committee for the Green Hydrogen Action Plan 2023-2030 delivered to the Minister of Energy, Diego Pardow, the working document that will serve as a strategic and political framework for the development of the initiative that the government is carrying out for the development of this industry in the country.

The members of the Strategic Committee, including the former President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet Jeria, and the former Minister of Energy of Sebastián Piñera's administration, Juan Carlos Jobet, participated in the activity, which took place at the Central House of the University of Chile.

Minister Pardow thanked the members of the committee for the work carried out during six working sessions: "The progress achieved as a country in the energy field can be explained by the implementation of public policies that transcend different governments. This Strategic Committee is an example that it is possible to reach consensus among people of different political colors who put the country's interests first", said the Minister.

During her speech, former President Michelle Bachelet stressed the importance of this energy source for Chile's development and the fight against the climate crisis. "In our country, energy policies are state policies, regardless of the political color of the government in power, and energy is a matter that we certainly look at in the long term. As a former president, it seems important to me to continue contributing to the energy transition and the decarbonization of our country".

Likewise, the former Minister of Energy, Juan Carlos Jobet, highlighted the continuity that has been given to the development of this industry. "Three years ago we launched a National Green Hydrogen Strategy after identifying that Chile had a potential in renewable energies, but that it went beyond what we were going to use in our country". Next, the former official said that "things that are lasting are not built overnight and require policy continuity. I was very happy when I received the call from Minister Pardow to summon me and follow this post and turn it into a State policy", he added.

For her part, the rector of the Universidad de Chile, Rosa Devés, appreciated that the Committee has worked collaboratively to agree on a common vision of the strategy for the Green Hydrogen Action Plan, "which is very relevant for the development of our country, its regions and the global sustainable economy. Universities will have to play a role in all dimensions of the plan, especially in human resource development, environmental protection and associated scientific research and innovation. This will require inter-institutional and interdisciplinary work".

Also present at the meeting were the Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel; the Minister of Economy, Nicolás Grau; the Minister of the Environment, Maisa Rojas; the Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Aisén Etcheverry; and the Executive Vice-President of CORFO, José Miguel Benavente.

The next milestone is the presentation by Minister Pardow of the Green Hydrogen Action Plan at the session of Corfo's Green Hydrogen Interministerial Council to be held this Thursday, December 21, where it will be submitted to a vote and then made available to the public in a public consultation process.

To review the working document of the Strategic Committee for the Green Hydrogen Action Plan 2023-2030 click on the following link:

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