December 11, 2020 #Innovation & Entrepreneurship #Knowledge & Science

Chilean student created an app selected among the 100 best in the world

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"Equivalente" app was distinguished at Technovation Girls Challenge, one of the main international technological entrepreneurship competitions.

Antonia Aedo, a 17-year-old Chilean student, is the creator of "Equivalente", a mobile app selected among the 100 best in the world and the 15 best in Latin America by Technovation Girls Challenge, an international event where her app competed with 1,800 other applications from all over the world.

As Antonia explains, the idea for this app was inspired by her mother, who takes medication daily due to a degenerative disease. The application allows the user to compare the prices of the medicine, identify the lower costs and locate the pharmacies where they are found. The app also reminds the user when it's time to take the medication.

Antonia wishes to make "Equivalente" available through the PlayStore to reach to a global audience and help many more people. Her work is an example of how local innovation can solve global needs.

The development of this app was part of Fundación Technovation Girls Chile's educational program, an initiative in which volunteering teachers and technology experts train girls on programming skills, so that they can develop their own ideas and help their communities.

According to Constanza Díaz, executive director of Fundación Technovation Girls Chile, this project contributes to reducing the gender gap in the area of programming.

Since 2010, more than 100,000 girls and young women from 105 countries have taken part of the Technovation Girls Challenge, creating mobile apps that have helped solve problems in local and regional communities all over the planet.



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