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Chile ranks first in Latin America on the Good Country Index

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Our country leads the region on the index that measures the contributions of 169 countries to the common good of the planet and humanity in areas as varied as world order, climate change, prosperity, culture, and science.

Chile leads Latin American countries in contributions to the common good of the planet and humanity on the Good Country Index (GCI), created by international expert Simon Anholt and published by the Diplomatic Courier.

"That Chile ranks number one in the region is a source of great pride, because it acknowledges what we are doing in this country to help create a better future for the world. It aligns with what we here at Imagen de Chile have sought to convey about our country by highlighting Chilean contributions in the areas of sustainability, quality of life, and community," noted Imagen de Chile Executive Director Constanza Cea. Globally, Chile ranks 33rd out of 169 countries.

The Good Country Index periodically measures over 160 countries, using a wide range of data from the United Nations and other international organizations. The goal is to assess each country in order to provide a glimpse of whether it produces a net credit for humanity, is a drain on the planet, or lies somewhere in between.

Measurements are made in seven major categories: science and technology; culture; international peace and security; world order; planet and climate change; prosperity and equality; and health and wellbeing.

Based on these categories, Chile is notable for placing second in the world for world order, which refers to charity giving, refugees, birth rate, and UN treaties signed. The second category in which Chile ranks highly is in international peace and security (19th in the world). This refers to peacekeeping troops, low number of victims of organized violence, few arms exports, and a good global cybersecurity index score. The third category in which Chile had a favorable showing is in global prosperity and equality (21st in the world), which refers to open trading, volunteers abroad, foreign direct investment outflows, development cooperation contributions, and low risk of terrorist financing and money laundering.

Why is it important to measure the "goodness" of countries? "The biggest challenges facing humanity today are global: climate change, economic crises, pandemics, population growth, food and water shortages. All of these problems stretch across national borders, so the only way they can be properly tackled is through international efforts," states the report.

In Latin America, Chile is followed by Uruguay (which ranks 45th on the full list) and Costa Rica (49th). Further down the list are the Dominican Republic (60th), Panama (61st), Brazil (62nd), and Argentina (63rd). Worldwide, the list is headed by Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.

Please view the complete ranking here: https://index.goodcountry.org/













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