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Chile ranks No. 1 in foreign investment potential in Latin America

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The Milken Institute's Global Opportunity Index this year ranked Chile number 1 in the region, consolidating us as a country where it is possible to think about creating a better future not only locally, but for the world as well. The ranking is based on an evaluation of 96 variables and 5 general categories: 

Business perception, financial services, international standards and policies, economic fundamentals and institutional framework.

Variables within these categories measured all angles of a country's investment potential, including openness of the economy and performance, transparency, and talent and diversity of the workforce. Data sources include the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Global Health Data Exchange.

Claude Lopez, PhD, author of the report and head of the institute's Research department tells that "the Global Opportunity Index measures a country's attractiveness to foreign investors based on five broad categories that provide investors with the tools to determine their own risk tolerance."

In Invest Chile you can find the complete note and the full report can be downloaded here.

This achievement of our country is reflected in the level of foreign investment, which remains very active and which we can exemplify with some good news that we would like to share below: 

Chile, a technological hub in Latin America

EdgeConneX, a pioneer in the development of edge data centers and a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), announced the incorporation of a new data center in Santiago, with plans to develop a second facility to meet the growing demand for technology infrastructure in Chile and the region.

The Minister of Economy, Lucas Palacios, stated that "our country needs investments that focus on technology, innovation and the sophistication of human capital, which will make us more competitive in the region and the world. Chile is a country that offers companies, operators, service providers and technology companies a solid platform for the growing digital economy. This is the direction in which we are aiming for the future development of the country".

Check out Invest Chile's complete article here.

Circular economy, sustainability and the world's first recycling plant for mining tires

The French company Michelin will build the first tire recycling plant in Antofagasta, which will include tires from the large Chilean mining sector and could in the future include waste from the production process in neighboring countries such as Argentina and Peru.

Guillermo Crevatin, general manager of Michelin Chile comments on the reasons for the decision to invest in Chile: 

"They have given clear signs of interest in circular economy and sustainability. There is important support in advising on these types of issues. Regardless of what has happened since the social outburst, the plan has not been modified. Although it is something that worries, what is much more important is everything that Chile has shown in terms of seriousness, continuity in its policies, and that even with changes of government there is continuity in the main issues. In Chile there is legal security and it is a country where we feel comfortable as investors, because the conditions are there. Therefore, we had no doubts about building this plant in Chile". 

Find the complete Invest Chile article here.

Thus, we continue to move forward in Chile, to contribute from here to a better future for all. 

Chile – Creating Future


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