December 14, 2021 #ChileDiverse

"Under the Same Sky": Photographic Exhibition of the 2020 Eclipse Opens with Collaboration with Imagen de Chile

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The photographic exhibition "Bajo el mismo cielo" (Under the same sky), with twenty photographs of the eclipse observed from La Araucanía in December last year, and which were originally published on Instagram, will be available until January 13.

The exhibition "Bajo el mismo cielo" (Under the same sky), an exhibition with 20 photographs of the eclipse seen in La Araucanía on December 14, 2020, organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Argentina, Imagen de Chile, the University of Chile and the embassies of both countries, was inaugurated in the Andrés Bello Courtyard of the central house of the University of Chile.

"There are few things in the sky that attract more attention than a total solar eclipse," said astronomer and academic at the University of Chile, José Maza, at the inauguration of the exhibition.

The photographs exhibited were initially uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #EclipseBinacional2020. Then a jury composed of seven experts from Chile and Argentina, as well as a Scotsman, chose 20 photographs to be exhibited in addition to an honorary version for each of the organizing countries.

"As we go through the photos, we realize how each image is not precisely about the eclipse, but also about the natural and human culture that was there at the time. That capture, that record, we thought it was valuable to stimulate and support it, and the results are there for all to see," said Bautista Martínez, head of audiovisual content at Imagen de Chile, during the inauguration.

The inauguration, which was headed by the rector of the University of Chile, Ennio Vivaldi, was also attended by the ambassador of Argentina in Chile, Rafael Bielsa, the Chilean astronomer José Maza, the Argentine astronomer Dante Minniti.

The exhibition was inaugurated on Monday, December 13, and will run until January 13, 2022. In parallel, the same exhibition will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



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