January 29, 2024 #ChileDiverse

Opening to regions and over 400 thousand spectators marked new version of Teatro a Mil

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The presence of internationally renowned companies, parades, free plays and the inauguration of the 31 Minutes Museum were highlights of the international press.

Looking at the sky, watching the French acrobat Nathan Paulin crossing a 270-meter tightrope, suspended 50 meters above the ground. Thus began the 31st version of the Teatro a Mil International Festival, one of the most important Chilean cultural festivals on the continent, which in 2024 took place in 8 regions of the country and registered an attendance of more than 400 thousand spectators.

There were a total of 110 shows from 18 countries, with presentations in 44 municipalities, totaling 612 performances, with more than a thousand artists on stage.

Among the most outstanding productions of this edition was the Palestinian installation Dear Laila, which sold out all its performances during the first week of the Festival. Directed by Basel Zaraa, a Palestinian artist based in the United Kingdom, this interactive show has the particularity of recreating the director's family home, which was destroyed in the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, in Damascus.

In addition to dance and theater shows on digital platforms and audio tours through downtown Santiago, the free parades were again the protagonists of this version, where the premiere of Pachakuna: Guardians of the Andes, by La Patogallina Collective, which moved to more than 25 communes of the country, and "Three Elephants pass..." by the French Compagnie Oposito, whose work was celebrated by audiences of all ages, stood out.

With the eyes of the world

As in previous editions, the international press gave extensive coverage to the festival's activities.

The Mexican media La Voz de América headlined "Street theater in Chile: more than three decades of an international festival for joy and collective "catharsis"", while the Iraqi portal Shafqana replicated the impact of the play "The seven streams of the Ōta River", with the headline "7 hours long, 5 intermissions and 1 lunch break: The legendary Robert Lepage returns to Teatro a Mil".

Likewise, the inauguration of "Museo 31" at the Palacio de La Moneda Cultural Center attracted great interest from the foreign media. The exhibition, which covers the 20 years of the Chilean children's program, was highlighted in media such as Xinhua (China), Milenio (Mexico) and El País (Spain).

Check out more information about the 2024 version of the Teatro a Mil International Festival on its website.


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