February 23, 2022 #Image of Chile

2022 Imagen de Chile Conference: Learn about the latest nation branding trends with engaging presenters

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The 2022 Imagen de Chile Conference entitled "Creating Future, Together" will be held on March 3. Aiming to share experiences and tools that contribute to building our nation brand, the event features national and international presenters, including renowned international marketing expert Andrew Davis.

Marking the international return of nation branding events, the 2022 Imagen de Chile Conference "Creating Future, Together" will host public and private leaders who contribute to fashioning the country's image, in a hybrid event on March 3.

"The event aims to showcase the value of the nation brand and its benefits, as well as to provide updated content on trends in challenging times," stated Imagen de Chile Executive Director, Constanza Cea. "At Imagen de Chile, we harnessed the tremendous challenge posed by the pandemic and, since we were a click away from anywhere in the world, turned it into an opportunity. The results have been remarkable. In the year since its launch, our new "Chile Creating Future" strategy has been seen by 130 million people worldwide and has received three awards at leading nation branding forums in Portugal and England."

The conference will address several themes, including Imagen de Chile's role in the current context and the success stories of the organizations behind the nation brand. It will also feature renowned presenters, like Sistema B Co-founder, María Emilia Correa; international marketing leader Andrew Davis; Deputy Director of the GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland Campaign, Kate Taylor Tett; and Explora CEO, Gonzalo Undurraga.

The event will include a conversation panel on how to construct a country's image based on talent, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as success stories from Chilean companies that are positioning Chilean talent internationally.

"The world's most prosperous countries harness events like the Imagen de Chile Conference to do more than boost the nation's pride and image. I have seen how the seeds planted at events like this become real opportunities for economic growth and global trade," remarked Andrew Davis, an international marketing expert, on the event.

Also in attendance will be representatives from some of the leading Ibero-American nation branding agencies who will be in Chile to participate in the Ibero-American Country Brands Preforum, which Chile is hosting this year.

"The Imagen de Chile Conference showcases the importance of the Nation Brand strategy, which communicates the values for which the world can recognize a country, thanks to support from its business sector. It also exhibits international initiatives that, more than marketing campaigns, help strengthen the commitment to making a more sustainable society to benefit future generations," remarked Daniel Valverde, Costa Rica Nation Brand Director.

The Imagen de Chile Awards will also be given at the conference. The awards recognize the organization and person that embody the message of showing Chile from the perspective of the country's contributions to creating a better future for the world.

If you would like to participate virtually in the conference, register here.



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