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Dominique Palmer, environmental leader: “Chile is an inspirational country”

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“And we have a lot to learn,” acknowledged the activist who moderated a roundtable discussion following the premiere in London of the Imagen de Chile documentary “I am the Earth”. The event addressed the leadership that the country has achieved in terms of climate change mitigation.

The famous Everyman Theatre in London’s King’s Cross was the scene of the premiere of the documentary “I am the Earth. Stories from the Southern Edge of the World”.

Environmental leaders, politicians, and media and private sector representatives from Chile and the United Kingdom attended the event. In addition to a film screening, it became a conversation forum and an opportunity to share views on the greatest challenge that threatens humanity today: climate change.

The audience learned about the stories of seven Chileans who, from this country at the southern edge of the world, are mobilizing to counteract the crisis. They were amazed that Chile today has become the country with the best climate protection performance in Latin America and the third best in the world, surpassed only by Denmark and Sweden, according to the prestigious The Climate Change Performance Index 2023 (CCPI).

“Our country is positioning itself as an important stakeholder in mitigating climate change, and protecting the ocean and ecosystems. This is precisely what this documentary is about; Chileans with a purpose, to help build a better future not only for our country but for the world,” stated Rossana Dresdner, executive director of Fundación Imagen de Chile.

Following the screening, there was a roundtable discussion moderated by the environmental activist, Dominique Palmer. The Chilean ambassador to the UK, Susana Herrera, participated alongside two of the documentary’s protagonists: doctor in oceanography, Osvaldo Ulloa; and founder of AgroUrbana, Cristián Sjögren.

“What is the reason that Chile today is the country with the third best performance in the world in taking action against climate change?” Palmer asked Chile’s representative in the United Kingdom. Ambassador Herrera attributed it to a virtuous combination of political commitment, social responsibility, the contribution of science through the collaboration between different knowledge and data towards obtaining innovative solutions, plus a private sector committed to and involved with the Chilean State’s promise to become a zero-emission country by 2050.” She continued: “This documentary and the stories it addresses are the reflection of a vision that is being channeled by the State through its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and our effort to lay a path towards a more balanced, fair and sustainable society.”

The presentation also took place in the context of 200 years of bilateral relations between Chile and the United Kingdom that are commemorated in 2023. This was something that did not go unnoticed by Palmer in her role as a renowned environmental activist.

“Chile is an inspirational country from which we have a lot to learn. A country that is advancing towards a renewable energy transition, that is developing green hydrogen at competitive prices, precisely when the planet is experiencing an energy crisis. I love thinking about the collaboration that we can achieve between Chile and the UK. I find it fascinating that after 200 years of bilateral relations we still have a long way to work and grow together.”

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