Marzo 06, 2021 #News of Chile in the World

Vaccination is going well in Chile. Why not its neighbours?

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Jabbing is politicised in much of Latin America

Each day this week some 100,000 Chileans aged 60 to 64 turned up to get their inoculation against covid-19. Having vaccinated nearly 20% of its adults, the sixth-best performance in the world, Chile is on track to meet its target of covering 80% of its 19m people by June 30th. After starting with health workers, the jabs are being applied in strict descending order of age, a different year each day, and to teachers, too.

This swift and orderly programme contrasts with the rest of Latin America. In vaccination as in other matters, the region displays its divisions, inequalities and problems of governance. In this case, sadly, they will cost lives. Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and several smaller countries have barely started jabbing.

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