Noviembre 22, 2022 #Life & Culture

The Chilean Wey Festival, now in Chile!

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On International Music Day, we tell you about this innovative international festival that brings together the best of Chilean and Mexican music on the same stage; an event that is now touching down in two cities in Chile, after the success of its first version in Mexico City.

The festival that brought together more than five thousand people in Mexico City will now hold its Chilean version, from February 24 to 26, 2023, in Santiago and Concepción. In addition to a large line-up of great artists, a professional music market will take place in the days leading up to the festival, along with activities related to culture and gastronomy, as well as conferences.

The line-up will be led by Ely Guerra, Los Tres, Javiera Mena, Camilo Séptimo, Nicole, Pato Machete (Control Machete), Drefquila, Gondwana, Frank’s White Canvas, Ases Falsos, De Saloon, Soulfía, Juanito Ayala, Dulce y Agraz, San Pascualito Rey, Sol Pereyra, Yael Meyer, Gonzalo Yáñez, Elis Paprika, Erich and Noah Blanco, among many more.

“This is an international festival that is spreading throughout Latin America to make new projects visible in the region. It is a unique space created by Chileans so that bands from different parts of the world have a space to develop,” says Claudia Pereira, director and booker of the festival.

“Jorge González – Esencial”, a tribute to the vocalist of “Los Prisioneros”

Part of the festival will be a tribute to one of the most important voices in the history of Chilean music: Jorge González. A special unprecedented show will be given by colleagues and friends of the renowned singer-songwriter, prepared exclusively for the festival. It will honor one of the most important musicians of the last decades. The first acts to be confirmed for this show are Gonzalo Yáñez, Pedropiedra and Delaselva.

Chilean Wey as a professional market and development of the arts
The festival will include a professional market with guests from Mexico, Colombia and Chile, which will take place in the days before the main show. The idea is for Chilean Wey to become a professional space for various industry stakeholders to connect at the regional, national and international level, and for it to publicize the diversity of Chilean music to national and international buyers. Since its first version in Mexico, Chilean Wey has begun to generate spaces to discover the visual arts, literature and other areas to enrich cultural exchange.

“Chilean Wey was a complete success in its Mexican version. We managed to hold the first Chilean music festival in Mexico in a huge way, delivering an experience that left the fans, the artists and the technical team very happy. We demonstrated that it is possible to work bilaterally and as a team, and that it is possible to create a new international expansion platform for Chilean music,” says Claudia Pereira, director of the festival.


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