Enero 16, 2023 #Knowledge & Science

More than 100 Chilean and foreign speakers come together for the 12th version of Congreso Futuro, the region’s most important scientific event

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The metaverse, artificial intelligence and neuro-rights are some of the main areas that will be addressed at the event.

The twelfth edition of Congreso Futuro will take place between January 16 and 21. It is the largest platform for the exchange of thought and ideas in Latin America, and the fourth most important in the world.

100 leading Chilean and international speakers on areas concerning the future of the planet will be part of this open space, which has been organized by the Senate’s Future Challenges Commission and Fundación Encuentros del Futuro. For the first time, there will be events in each of Chile’s 16 regions.

Under the motto Sin Limite Real (No Real Limit), the event will address crucial topics that are part of current debates and that will define the future of humanity, such as the metaverse, artificial intelligence and neuro-rights. It will also reflect on the fundamental role of science to build a better future for all of us.

All the talks are free and will be streamed online at congresofuturo.cl. Below, we present some of the speakers and the topics they will address at Congreso Futuro 2023:

Noam Chomsky: Founder of modern linguistics. Is science the answer to all our problems?

Jodi Halpern: Academic in Bioethics. How does technology influence human relationships?

Abby Stein: Transgender activist. How to build fairer and more equitable societies for everyone?

Rita Singh: Specialist in Artificial Intelligence. How can voice analysis help us to know ourselves?

Sylvia Earle: Marine biologist. What is the future of the oceans?

Víctor Montori: Academic and medical doctor. How do we create new paradigms in patient care?

Rattan Lal: Nobel Peace Prize winner. How can agriculture solve environmental problems?

Francisco Martorell: Philosopher. What is the relationship between social utopia and the crisis of modernity?

Shoshana Zuboff: Sociologist and writer. What does the digital revolution have in store for us?


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