Abril 13, 2023 #Imagen de Chile

“Made by Chileans” campaign encourages entrepreneurs to use the Chile Brand

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With more than 1300 users in more than 95 countries, the Chile Brand aims to position the value of origin in both the domestic market and abroad,  encouraging consumers to choose Chilean-made products and highlighting “Made in Chile” as a source of pride and added value. Inviting more entrepreneurs to use the seal is the focus of a video series that will be aired across the country.

During the Imagen de Chile Encounter 2023, Fundación Imagen de Chile unveiled the “Made by Chileans” campaign, consisting of a series of videos that focus proudly on local talent in the development of products and services made in Chile.

With 56% of brand users concentrated in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, one of the campaign’s main objectives is to expand its use to other regions, inviting companies, entrepreneurs and individuals across the country to display the Made in Chile seal on their products and services.

During the presentation of the new campaign, Fundación Imagen de Chile Executive Director Rossana Dresdner highlighted the new focus for the brand: more than simply a commercial slogan, it is a symbol that represents the country abroad.  “Today we not only want to highlight the more than 1300 companies that work with the Chile brand, but also to begin a new stage of collaboration and co-construction, in which—as the invitation says—we all build Chile’s image together,” she affirmed.

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