Abril 21, 2021 #Innovation & Entrepreneurship

In honor of World Creativity and Innovation Day: Highlighting Chilean startups that were launched during the pandemic

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The pandemic has changed things for nearly everyone. Despite a more adverse environment, many Chileans are daring to innovate, launching a wide range of initiatives designed to make life easier in these difficult times. On World Creativity and Innovation Day, we profile a series of Chilean startups that were launched during the pandemic.

Chile’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is world-renowned for its dynamism. Various studies have recognized its development. According to the Global Innovation Index generated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Chile is the most innovative country in Latin America (54th in the world) and the most entrepreneurial country in Latin America (19th in the world). Start-Up Chile has contributed to efforts to enhance this environment. Since it was launched in 2010, it has come to be known as a revolutionary startup accelerator, supporting 1,600 companies in 85 countries and creating assets worth US$1.4 billion in net value.

Chile is also considered the most innovative country for entrepreneurs in their early stages according to the World Economic Forum.

Despite the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, which has lasted for over a year, various Chileans have used their creativity and ingenuity to launch an enterprise. On World Creativity and Innovation Day, we profile a series of Chilean startups that were launched during the pandemic.

Rewards for completing environmental challenges. EcoHéroes is an environmental education platform that was created by Chileans Jorge and Tomás Alonso. It uses an app that presents challenges that help the environment and encourage habits and knowledge related to recycling, reuse and waste reduction. Users receive rewards for completing the challenges, which include activities such as creating a work of art out of recycled materials, separating household waste and planting a tree. Their business model is based on funding from large companies that are committed to the environment, which number over a dozen to date. Learn about more challenges here: https://www.ecoheroes.cl/.

Machinery rental: Everything you need in one place. Rendalo Maq is an internet platform that was created by Chileans José Tomás Fernández and Ariel Vaisman. It allows users to rent and purchase elevator platforms and machinery online nationwide based on an algorithm that connects users with suppliers in real time. The company emerged from an opportunity that developed during the pandemic and is meant to transform the machinery industry through digitalization. Rent or purchase machinery here: https://www.rendalomaq.cl/.

Skip the lines and crowds during the pandemic. Numera.me is an app that allows users to take a number virtually for service at stores and companies so that they will know how long they’ll have to wait. Notifications inform them when their turn is approaching. The tool helps users to avoid lines, which is key in these times of social distancing and avoiding crowds. Learn more here: https://numera.me/.

Become a wine expert from the comfort of your own home. Offering a wealth of information on Chilean wines, Wine App TV allows anyone who is interested in learning more about wines to improve their experience. This project, which was supported by Corfo, Chile’s Production Development Corporation, includes tools for training your senses so that you can discover everything that a wine has to offer. For more information, visit https://www.wineapp.tv/.

Revolutionizing the financial industry. Fintoc is an API (Application Programming Interface), an intermediary software that allows two apps to communicate with each other. Its business is not direct relationships with users, but connections with companies that need to facilitate bank transactions. Today Fintoc is working on technology that can strengthen financial enterprises in Chile and throughout Latin America. Learn more  here: https://fintoc.com/

Measuring safe social distances. Argos SD uses cell phone sensors and antennae to measure social distance in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It records all unsafe social interactions, providing key information designed to protect people. It also lets users know in real time when two people are less than 1.5 meters (5 feet) apart. The app can be used to generate a record of risky contacts. Learn more about how it works here: http://argossd.com/.

Learn more about innovation and enterprise here: https://marcachile.cl/innovacion/.



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