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Los Ríos Region and Imagen de Chile sign agreement to collaborate on territorial brand

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This is the first agreement that the institution has signed with a region, allowing them to join forces to build a regional brand that encourages foreign investment, tourism and the export of products. 

The Los Ríos Regional Productive Development Corporation (Corporación Regional de Desarrollo Productivo de Los Ríos, CRDP) and Fundación Imagen de Chile (FICH) signed a new agreement this Monday in Valdivia. The agreement aims to strengthen the region’s image abroad and promote the products that it offers. 

The agreement is the first of its kind in the country. It establishes a close collaboration between the two institutions in order to promote the image of the Los Ríos Region around the world, identifying opportunities to boost tourism, foreign investment and the export of regional products. This will give greater visibility to the region and strengthen the positive image of Chile abroad. 

“If the region goes out into the world, Chile goes out into the world,” stated the executive director of Fundación Imagen de Chile, Rossana Dresdner. “This agreement is especially important for Imagen de Chile, because it gets our regional work going in a concrete way, and symbolizes a united effort to promote Chile’s image around the world, in all its diversity. We are building our country’s image together,” she added. 

The Los Ríos regional governor, and president of the board of directors of the Regional Productive Development Corporation, explained, “this agreement that we have signed with the executive director of Fundación Imagen de Chile is a great opportunity to strengthen the work that our Regional Productive Development Corporation has been doing to promote the different aspects of our region around the world. It adds to the progress that we have made with ProChile and, in particular, the signing of an agreement with InvestChile.” 

“This region needs to work better towards developing an identity and presenting a brand as a synthesis of who we are both culturally, in scenic beauty, but above all in the creativity of our products,” the regional governor added. 

The head of the Regional Productive Development Corporation, Silvia Soto, stated that hard work is being carried out to promote the region abroad. She added, “the signing of the agreement that we are celebrating today, mandated by the Regional Government and the Los Ríos Regional Council, is a tremendous opportunity to be able to work with those who know about these things. It will allow us to make rapid progress on the right track.” 

“We now have great allies to make these things happen: Marca Chile, who know how to work on the region’s image; InvestChile, who help us to attract investment; and ProChile, who focus on promotion. This can only be good news and it is a great result, because we are associated with the best and we are happy with all the progress we have made to position our region abroad,” she continued. 

This milestone is part of the Los Ríos Region’s efforts to promote itself abroad, one of the commitments of Governor Luis Cuvertino’s strategic program. The region has already developed links with more than 15 embassies, and held the Encuentro Internacional (International Meeting), which was attended by delegations from the United States, Argentina, Colombia and more. The event will be held again this year. The region also reactivated an agreement with Yunnan Province, which will allow it to participate in an official mission at the SIAL China food and beverage expo, seen as one of the world’s most important. 

The signing of the agreement between the Los Ríos Regional Productive Development Corporation and Fundación Imagen de Chile was attended by stakeholders linked to promoting the region around the world, including regional councilors and representatives of the Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO), the National Tourism Service (SERNATUR), ProChile, the Asociación de Municipalidades de la Región de Los Ríos and the Corporación Cuenca del Lago Ranco. 

Also present were representatives of prominent brands from Los Ríos, including Apicoop, the Alerce Milenario Festival, Ciervo Austral, Patrick Moore Music and the Valdivia International Film Festival (FICV). These companies are some of almost 40 from the region that now bear the Marca Chile seal. This hallmark promotes the value of origin both in domestic and foreign markets. At the national level, more than 1,400 companies now bear the seal.


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