Agosto 12, 2022 #Imagen de Chile

“I am the Earth. Stories from the southern edge of the world”: Imagen de Chile presents documentary film that tells the story of Chileans in the fight against climate change

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The documentary film shows initiatives from Chileans who are providing solutions to address the transformation of the planet in five thematic areas -sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation, renewable energy, solutions to the water crisis, and astronomy.

The featurette film was directed by Maite Alberdi, and includes the work of directors María Paz González, Sebastián Fernández and Santiago Correa. Fábula was in charge of production.

As part of the inauguration of SANFIC Industria, Imagen de Chile is today showing a preview of the documentary film “I am the Earth. Stories from the end of the world”. The documentary is an audio-visual production that gives an account of the environmental crisis that our planet is suffering today, and how various initiatives that seek to confront it are being developed in Chile.

Across its 46-minute run-time, the film takes a journey through the different initiatives and cases in which Chileans are contributing to mitigate the effects of climate change; from large-scale projects and scientific innovations to everyday citizen actions, all of which are collectively necessary.

The featurette film was directed by renowned director Maite Alberdi, who was nominated for an Oscar in 2021, working alongside unit directors María Paz González, Sebastián Fernández and Santiago Correa. The documentary was produced by Fábula, the production company that won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2018 with “Una Mujer Fantástica” (A Fantastic Woman).

A reflection on the environmental crisis

Through five thematic areas that address sustainable agriculture, forest and biodiversity conservation, renewable energy, the water crisis, and astronomy, the documentary offers a reflection through a harmonized story told on three levels: a narrator voiced by Maite Alberdi, who represents nature and makes the reflections; astronomer Andrés Jordán, who provides the guiding thread of the stories; and the voices of different characters, each through their own experience and from their own territory (from desert to ice fields), contributing with solutions for a better future.

“The focus of this documentary is to show how Chile is contributing to an issue that moves all of humanity, such as climate change, how in Chile we are generating new answers that connect with what the rest of the world is looking for, and in this way provide solutions to climate change from this country at the end of the world,” stated Constanza Cea, CEO of Imagen de Chile. “With this documentary, we are telling different stories from diverse fields, such as biodiversity, food production, care for the oceans, different themes that address this issue to which Chileans are responding and creating future,” she added.

The documentary includes the participation of Andrés Jordán, astrophysicist; Osvaldo Ulloa, researcher and ocean explorer; Bárbara Saavedra, ecologist and specialist in biodiversity conservation and director of the Wildlife Conservation Society; Claudia Maturana, evolutionary biologist from the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity; Cristián Sjögren, civil engineer and agtech entrepreneur; Rodrigo Delmastro, forestry engineer dedicated to renewable energy (HIF); Marcelo Leppe, palaeontologist and Antarctic explorer and director of the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH); Nicolás Schneider and Natalia Rebolledo, dedicated to the use of fog at Fundación Un Alto en el Desierto (A Stop in the Desert Foundation); and Ricardo Acuña, president of Ecobarrios (Cuatro Álamos neighborhood, Maipú).


“I am the Earth. Stories from the end of the world”.

General Director: Maite Alberdi.

Unit Directors: María Paz González, Sebastián Fernández and Santiago Cabrera.

Production company: Fábula.

Executive Producer: Ana Martín-Buitrago.

Music: Estudio Miranda & Tobar.


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