Enero 25, 2022 #Imagen de Chile

From Magallanes, Imagen de Chile aims to integrate a regional perspective into building the Chile country brand

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Imagen de Chile’s visit to the region included significant scientific milestones and meetings with authorities and trade associations, in order to encourage the southern region to use the Chile country brand (Marca Chile) on its products and services and incorporate Magallanes’ perspective into how Chile is presented to the world.

The executive director of Imagen de Chile, Constanza Cea, visited Punta Arenas during a tour of the Magallanes Region organized by the Science Ministry, in order to invite companies and organizations to join the Chile country brand program. The initiative is being promoted by Imagen de Chile to proudly display the Chilean origin of products and services, as well as to incorporate the perspective of Chile’s southernmost region into how Chile is presented to the world.

The visit included meetings with various regional authorities, such as the governor of Magallanes, Jorge Flies, and the mayor of Punta Arenas, Claudio Radonich, with whom Ms. Cea discussed Chile’s country image strategy “Chile Creating Future” and how it is being implemented. She also discussed how to strengthen the Chile country brand, such as launching the Climate Change Observatory and the Punta Arenas Declaration, which aims to position the Magallanes Region as Chile’s scientific hub.

“Imagen de Chile aims to promote Chile using local Chilean talent, which is what distinguishes us from the rest of the world. Chilean is already known for its landscapes; we want to be known for our creativity and our capacity to innovate and create products that benefit people, as well as demonstrating a certain quality that represents us,” Ms. Cea explained.

During the visit, she met with the president of the Austro Chile Chamber of Tourism, Paola Milosevic, the Magallanes Regional Secretary of the Economy Ministry, Natalia Easton, and representatives of the Punta Arenas Free Trade Zone, with the aim of expanding the Chile country brand within the region, where it is currently used by only 20 organizations.

“The Magallanes Region is currently looking to lead the search for solutions to global problems, from a commercial, scientific and environmental perspective. We are convinced that more Chileans should integrate the Chile country brand into their products and services, so that we can show the world how Chile is contributing to creating a better future,” Ms. Cea concluded.


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