Septiembre 07, 2020 #Innovation & Entrepreneurship #Knowledge & Science

International Day Of Clean Air: Electromobility takes to the streets of Santiago

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According to the UN Environment Programme, it is estimated that transport is responsible for one quarter of energy-related greenhouse emissions. Because of this, the inclusion of a fleet of electric buses in the public transport system represents a crucial measure in the reduction of air pollution in cities.

In this respect, Chile leads the region and much of the rest of the world. At present, 676 electric buses are operating throughout the Metropolitan Region, making Santiago the first city in the world with the largest electric bus fleet outside of China. This type of zero greenhouse emissions and noise-free transport contributes to the improvement of quality of life of its residents.

“Chile has shown to have a unique vision and leadership role in the region. As of today, Chile has more electric buses than any other city in the Americas or Europe”, said Tamara Berríos, country manager for BYD Chile, a Chinese electric bus enterprise working with the public transport network of Santiago.
The challenge now remains in replicating sustainable transport initiatives outside Santiago. Recently, the Transportation Ministry made the announcement that as part of its goal of improving road connectivity in Chile, 35 electric buses would be added to the streets of Concepción and Temuco during the 2020-2022 period. The project also envisions the construction of electric terminals in each city.
Thus, Chile continues to advance in the path of reaching sustainable transport with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality.


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