Febrero 11, 2021 #News of Chile in the World

Chile vaccinates nearly 1.3 million people against COVID-19 in one week

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The country’s early start with negotiations for acquiring the doses places the South American nation at rates comparable to those of the USA and the European Union. The exclusion of migrants has generated criticism of the process.

“This is an achievement of the State, not the government,” Health Minister Enrique Paris told EL PAÍS when asked to give an overview of the process that resulted in 1,250,314 people being vaccinated against COVID-19 between February 3 and 10. The result was described on Twitter as “impressive” by Oxford University researcher Max Roser, founder of the site  Our World In Data. The site ranked Chile as the South American country with the best immunization rates per 100 people (5.58). It has been out-performed only by Israel (67.8), United Arab Emirates (45.7), the United Kingdom (20) and the United States (13.4) based on February 9 data.

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