Abril 26, 2020 #Knowledge & Science

Prestigious North American University Opens its First International Research Center in Chile

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UC Davis is one of the top 10 public universities of the United States according to the ranking published by U.S. News & World Report. In addition, the university has more than 25 research centers, of which UC Davis Chile is now be part. This is a department of excellence that seeks to transform Chile in an innovation regional central point, and is the first center the prestigious institution opens outside of the U.S. UC Davis Chile was launched thanks to the Attraction of International R&D Centers of Excellence for Competitiveness lead by CORFO.

In order to do this, the research focus of the center will be Chile’s food and agriculture and forest industry. As the press release issued by CORFO states, the purpose is to “provide an opportunity for speeding the applied research project results transference and technological solutions to producers and industrial actors of national agriculture.”
The impact this center has will be reflected not only in its research activities, which will involve a cooperative work between UC Davis academics and researchers from Chilean universities like Universidad de TalcaUniversidad de Tarapacá and Universidad Andrés Bello, but also in technology creation that responds to international quality standards. Also, an impact on the development of advanced human capital and in the social and economic scene at a national and international level is expected as well.


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