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Democratizing technology and Chile as a hub for foreign investment in technology

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“The idea is to bring technology closer to people, making better cities and better countries. That also implies better education and preparing ourselves for the jobs of the future. Now there’s a challenge.” Soledad Matos, the new CEO of Oracle Chile —Oracle, the American multinational computer technology corporation— speaks about the challenges that could become a contribution for Chile’s economy and society.

We invite you to read this excerpt from Invest Chile’s blog.

“There are generally very few women in positions like this. It’s a great challenge and as a society we have a lot to do. On the other hand, there is now greater awareness about the importance of gender equality than there was in the past. I’m lucky to have joined a company where there is a lot of diversity”, states Soledad when asked about the lack of women in technology companies.

“We talk about democratizing technology because with the new regional office in Chile, we will be able to reach more users, of different sizes, and at a time that we feel is really important. The pandemic is still an uncertainty so we want to provide tools that allow our clients to be able to expand or contract as needed. We want them to have the possibility of rapid growth, but also be able to contract if they need to, and at more accessible prices.”

And about our country as a technology hub, Soledad says:

“Chile is on the verge of becoming a true hub for foreign investment in technology and this will clearly be a win-win situation for the country. Now we must grow in terms of innovation, where there are still big challenges to be addressed. But all of this technology that is arriving will leverage growth and allow more sectors to develop. We are very pleased that companies abroad want to invest in Chile. That will definitely boost the country’s economic recovery.”

Interview source: Diario Financiero

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