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Creado en Chile: the start-up bringing together Chile’s SMEs

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This marketplace brings together 400 Chilean SMEs and more than 15,000 products that have been 100% made in Chile and chosen with great care to showcase Chile’s talent, the quality of its raw materials and local creativity. On World Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Day, we are taking a look at start-ups with a local character.

In 2014, convinced of the need to publicize products made in Chile and the quality of products made using only Chilean materials together with the local talent behind them, industrial designer Constanza Correa created a blog with information and reviews of artists, designers, craftspeople and other Chilean creators that she had discovered and had amazed her with their products. It was a hit. Thousands of people began to read and follow her blog, both in Chile and around the world, including important Chilean design media outlets. Soon she began connecting the designers with her readers, who wanted to buy the works or products that she had selected.

This is how this blog became www.creadoenchile.cl, the main marketplace focused exclusively on Chilean creations with more than 400 brands and 15,000 products. These are selected according to demanding selection criteria and the expert eye of this lover of design and all things made in Chile. On the website you will find a complete platform of products spanning creations for the home and items for women, men and children. They also have a range of personal care and beauty brands and gourmet products. In addition, there are books, jewelry and experiences, amongst many other Chilean products available to buy online. There are also physical stores which are visited by a many foreign visitors who are looking for products that showcase Chile’s identity.

The success and growth of Creado en Chile is due to the community that has grown up around the Chilean designers belonging to this network and those who supply publicity, sales and logistical services each time a product is sold. This has especially benefited craftspeople who live in isolated parts of the country. Further, Creado en Chile has made the commitment to sell all the products at the same prices as those charged by the producers when they sell them directly to the general public.

Currently, Constanza works with a team of 13 people who help her with the selection of designers and craftspeople. Recently, two new partners have joined, civil engineer Francisco Claro, and business administrator Manuel Labra, who is today focused on maximizing the international strategy for exporting the business model to other countries and opening up spaces for quality Chilean products in international markets.

On world MSME day, here is a quick selection of some of the products that this marketplace has to offer:

Mappin: maps of Chile and its cities and regions, illustrated with various themes and by different Chilean illustrators and artists. www.mappin.cl

Manivela: music boxes of various songs by Chilean artists, such as Violeta Parra, Los Prisioneros, Mon Laferte, Mazapán, amongst others.

Valeria Martínez: Contemporary Chilean jewelry using the filigree technique. www.valeriamartinez.cl

Casa Kuc: products made from various materials by craftspeople based in Lago Ranco in the south of Chile. www.casakuc.cl

The Andes House: a well known design and architecture studio. This includes the Espino line of objects made from espino wood.  www.theandeshouse.com

Chilote Shoes: Award-winning slippers made from lambswool with the soles made from salmon skin. www.chiloteshoes.com

Kó: Natural cosmetics made from Chilean medicinal plants. www.kochile.cl

Envuelbee: Reusable, washable and compostable food wrappers that keep food fresh for longer.  It is made from cotton soaked in beeswax, pine resin and coconut oil.  www.envuelbee.cl

Magdalena Le Blanc: Cushions, shawls, rugs and blankets. Unique works made from alpaca wool made by expert craftspeople using contemporary designs. www.magdalenaleblanc.cl

Milenaria: Tables, plates and objects made from wood from the south of Chile. www.milenarialerce.cl

Loeff: Striking hand-painted chocolate bonbons, with vegan and sugar-free options. www.loeff.cl

Pablo Valenzuela: Chilean photographer with a collection of photography books of different landscapes and places in Chile. www.pablovalenzuela.cl

Copper Studio: Jewelry made from copper wire and textile yarn. www.copper-studio.com

Bestias: Shoes and accessories made from 100% Chilean leather. www.bestiasxx.com

Canasta Chilota: playing cards and illustrated notebooks showing the churches of Chiloé and scenes from Cerro San Cristóbal. @canastachilota

Support local businesses during the pandemic

Creado en Chile is working to strengthen and support SMEs that are part of its platform. Therefore, every day, more and more SMEs are joining this collaborative showcase.  One way in which the members are supported is through partnerships that have been made with Chilean and international companies who want to make a visible commitment to supporting Chilean SMEs, entrepreneurs and designers. One example of this is through the Creado en Chile gift cards, which businesses can give to their customers or employees.

To find out more about Creado en Chile and the 400 brands that form part of it, visit www.creadoenchile.cl or social media @creadoenchile.







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