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Chilean Christmas: give local talent as a present

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May this Christmas be “Chilean” and come with a clear purpose: to support local enterprises that have a seal of origin. We have carefully chosen a variety of products 100% Made in Chile to highlight local talent, the quality of our raw materials and the creativity of the Chileans who are behind these gifts that carry the Marca Chile seal.

There are only a few days left until Christmas and it is always nice to give it a special touch each year; under the expert eye of Imagen de Chile, we have selected products created by national artisans and entrepreneurs that bear the Marca Chile seal, in order to highlight some of the best Chilean products and so experience a different Christmas: one that is Made in Chile.

www.kaikai.cl: illustrated designs and objects that speak of Chile in a contemporary language, to take our identity to all corners of the world.

www.anakena-cosmetics.cl:  a line of natural cosmetics inspired by Anakena beach, Rapa Nui, which offers the unique cosmetic properties of the island flora, such as seaweed, guava, coconut and shea oils, and the purest honey in the world.

www.telaresartesanalesdelsur.cl: fabrics inspired by indigenous peoples; unique creations with colors, landscapes and materials from southern Chile. All the raw materials are reused, from salmon skin to rustic wood collected from the shores of Lake Llanquihue.

www.aromia.cl: this Chilean enterprise collects forest flowers from the Ranco Lake basin to extract the essential oils of species endemic to the south, taking their aromas from Chile to the world.

www.casakuc.cl: a marketplace with various products made from different materials by artisans from Ranco Lake in southern Chile.

www.theandeshouse.com: renowned design and architecture studio. Their Espino line includes objects made from the wood of the espino tree (Vachellia caven).

www.chiloteshoes.com: award-winning sheep wool slippers with salmon leather soles.

www.bestiasxx.com: leather shoes and accessories with a 100% Chilean design that has revived the shoe industry in Chile.

www.mappin.cl: maps of Chile, its cities and regions, illustrated with multiple themes by different Chilean illustrators and artists.

www.manivela.cl: music boxes with a variety of songs by Chilean artists, including Violeta Parra, Los Prisioneros, Mon Laferte, Mazapán and many more.

For a greener Christmas: choose sustainably

Chile leads the 2022 Latin American sustainable development ranking, and every year more and more Chileans are aware of the need to care for the environment. If you are looking to experience a greener Christmas hand-in-hand with Chilean creators who are putting the planet first, we give you some options for Made in Chile enterprises that are focused on sustainability:

www.bosquehundido.cl: unique pieces created using logs rescued from the bottom of southern Chile’s lakes, which maintain and enhance the exceptional qualities of this native recovered wood.

www.joyaplastica.com: jewelry created out of plastic wrappers. Its goal is to contribute to nature and environmental awareness by giving new life to plastic in an innovative and artistic way.

www.woodnic.cl: they rescue pieces of wood and offcuts that would otherwise end up as energy sources for biomass burners to create unique pieces of high-value design and functionality.

www.ohseeds.cl: they provide ecological corporate gifts, which offer more than just a simple object. From seed bombs to planting kits, theirs is a good option if you want to give gifts with meaning.

www.botela.cl: from bags to shirts, they offer all kinds of products with fabrics made from recycled plastic. The label of each product tells you how many bottles were used to make it, which allows you to measure the environmental impact.

www.henko-patagonia.cl: born in the heart of Puerto Varas, this local enterprise breathes new life into materials left over from demolitions. It seeks innovation in new functional products for everyday use, decorations or corporate gifts.

www.garuga.cl: mixing illustration, art and love for nature, this enterprise focuses on the flora and fauna that Chile has throughout its territory, while financially supporting conservation organizations.

www.mawunrelojes.cl: unique and exclusive watches made from recycled and reused dead tree trunks from southern Chile. Each watch is handcrafted.

www.anteojoskarun.cl: they make quality eyewear from ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Through collecting different discarded raw materials from the coast, they manufacture a resistant product that is respectful to the environment.

Flavors from north to south for your Christmas table (and to give as gifts too)

Your Christmas dinner can also be full of Chilean identity by choosing traditional flavors from the different parts of Chile. Here are some gastronomic enterprises to give a special regional touch to your table:

www.amarea.cl: using seaweed collected by communities of artisan gatherers from Chile’s coasts, they have created healthy snacks that connect with the sea, making the most of the abundance of a resource that is not always appreciated.

www.productosnun.com: an innovative way of bringing seaweed to the table. Using state-of-the-art machinery, this Chilean enterprise manufactures pasta from seaweed collected from the country’s coasts, respecting its natural growth cycle while developing relationships with local communities.

www.concaramelo.cl: sweets for everyone, including those with dietary restrictions and allergies. That is why they only work with natural fruit extracts and vegetable pigments, creating vegan, natural, gluten- and soy-free products.

www.grana.cl: cereal-based products that are low carb, keto friendly, nutritious and sugar free. The enterprise was born from a medical diagnosis that forced a family to look for food suitable for diabetics.

www.etnia.cl: the first “gourmet” Chilean brand that rescues the traditional flavors of indigenous food, working with local producers throughout the country.

www.yumi.cl: Yumi is a healthy food prepared from matured beef. It is ideal as an appetizer or a snack.

www.lateteria.cl: the first Chilean specialist tea shop for infusion-lovers.

www.chiloegourmet.cl: a wide range of products made from Chiloé garlic that gives a unique touch of the south to your recipes.

www.mieldelsur.cl: this honey comes from the native wild flora of Chile’s northern Patagonia, where temperate “Valdivian” rainforests abound.

www.entrelagos.cl: with a factory that employs more than one hundred artisans, every day they make chocolates, marzipans and special sweets with a handcrafted touch using regional resources.

A very Chilean open bar

For those over 18s who want to celebrate the holidays with a hearty “Cheers” and “Viva Chile,” below is a list of spirits and beers made by local experts who work wonders with the water and fruits of Chile.

www.lasthopedistillery.com: if you are a gin lover, you cannot miss trying this one from Torres del Paine; it is one of the southernmost gins in the world. Manufactured in a copper still, 12 botanicals are used in its production, among them maqui, lemon verbena, yerba mate and canelo pepper.

www.cervezahathor.cl: a 100% women-run enterprise that brews craft beer in the heart of the Curacaví Valley, using the privileged groundwaters that emerge from under the Metropolitan Region.

www.biiir.cl: a craft beer born in Chiloé. Inspired by the south and Chiloé’s incredible Patagonian water, filtered and purified by the Magellanic moss (Sphagnum magellanicum) that grows in the island’s wetlands.

www.trakal.com: an innovative spirit that reflects the essence of Chilean Patagonia’s flavors and aromas. Ideal to drink in cocktails, with tonic water or as a substitute for pisco or rum.

www.cervezalisambarth.cl: made from barley, this 100% craft beer from Monte Patria in the Coquimbo Region possesses the unique and unmistakeable flavor of northern Chile.

www.guayacan.cl: the first brewery in the Elqui Valley. Making use of photovoltaic solar energy, they use the waters of Elqui, some of the purest in Chile, to produce a special beer.

www.petiscosaraucanos.cl: ancestral flavors from the southern tip of the world, with liqueurs that count the pine nut, rosehip and medicinal herbs among their ingredients.

For Chilean who are far from home: from Chile for the world

www.dhl.com: this Christmas, you can surprise friends and family who are living in other countries thanks to a great idea from DHL. The international courier company has launched a campaign to offer Christmas cards with illustrations of Chile’s most outstanding destinations. These beautiful cards come at no added cost, and will carry a little piece of Chile with your shipments outside the country during the holidays.


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