Mayo 31, 2021 #Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Chile launched today the most important Clean Energy and Innovation Summit of the year

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The CEM12 / MI-6 International Summit will bring together State Ministers, global leaders and renowned experts in energy transformation and innovation issues from around the world

From May 31st to June 6th 2021, Chile will host the most important Clean Energy and Innovation Summit of the year: Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM 12) and Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-6).

This forum will address the social, economic and climate challenges, such as decarbonizing, electromobility, green hydrogen and the necessary innovations for achieving carbon neutrality.

Confirmed guests include U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry; businessman and former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg; World Energy Council´s Secretary General Angela Wilkinson; and the World Economic Forum President, Borge Brende.

“The most developed countries are looking favorably on the energy management that Chile is carrying out today. And as hosts of the most important Clean Energy and Innovation event, we believe that this instance will be very valuable to continue advancing in an ambitious energy transition, in which the different countries can share good practices, coordinate tangible actions that allow us to go faster and be efficient to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. In addition, we want this event, despite being of a high level, to have a focus on citizens. And for this we are working on a unique and innovative platform, so that everyone can witness the great discussions on energy matters, for the good of the planet, for those who inhabit it today and for generations to come.,” stated Chile’s bi-minister of Energy and Mining, Juan Carlos Jobet.

The summit will be held online, thanks to a digital platform, specially created for such a significant event, which will allow everybody who is interested around the world to access on-demand content, like talks, panels and multiple videos from their electronic devices.

The CEM12/MI-6 forums aim to encourage collaboration between and among countries, to foster the acceleration of technology and innovation, as well as to achieve agreements and to bolster concrete steps or actions that contribute to accelerating a real change towards the use of clean energy, a key area to ensure that commitments related to climate change are in fact fulfilled.

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