Marzo 24, 2021 #News of Chile in the World

Agility and rigor: a Brazilian recounts her days in a healthcare residence in Chile…

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“That was my despair:  having to spend three days in a healthcare residence.  I imagined something like a psychiatric ward or a lodge with strangers by my side.  A thousand things went through my head.”  On Monday night, March 22, Nossa talked to Marcia Ledo through voice messages on WhatsApp.  Marcia is from Pará and was obliged to stay in a healthcare residence before being allowed to continue her trip in Chile.

Due to the increase in cases in the Metropolitan Region, with some one thousand new infections daily, and the discovery of a new strain of the virus originating in Manaos, Brazil, the Chilean government has increased healthcare requirements for those arriving to Chile.  If it is absolutely necessary to cross the Andes Mountains to get to Santiago -currently the only access for foreigners- be prepared for a long and exhausting process that could last up to five hours at the Arturo Merino Benítez airport.  And that is just the beginning.

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