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5 reasons to study in Chile: a country at the region’s forefront of virtual academic exchange programs

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Today the world celebrates the International Day of Education, one of the fields that has had to reinvent itself the most during the pandemic. Chilean universities haven’t stayed behind and are offering plenty of alternatives to continue or begin studies online, especially for foreigners who have chosen our country to enrol in undergraduate or graduate programs, which in 2019 numbered over 32,000.

Today we share with you 5 reasons why Chile is an excellent place to study undergraduate as well as graduate programs or to participate in collaborative projects, whether virtually or in person. 

1- At the forefront of online university exchanges

When it comes to innovating education, Chile is a pioneer in online university exchanges in Latin America.

Since late 2020, some 24 national universities belonging to the Learn Chile network have begun to implement the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) methodology. This project places Chile at the forefront within the region with respect to international, online and collaborative learning. 

The COIL methodology consists of connecting students and teachers from different cultures to learn and work in different kinds of collaborative online projects that are typically of short duration. In Chile, these projects are coordinated within a network, mainly with North and South American universities, which will involve more than 1,400 students of the network’s partner institutions and a similar number of international students.  

2- Territory as a natural laboratory

Chile’s natural diversity offers specializations based on local geography, where fields such as mining, the environment and astronomy stand out. So, if you are looking into studying an undergraduate or graduate degree related to these subjects, Chile offers onsite learning in the best natural laboratories, using innovative, world-class methods and technologies. Can you imagine yourself learning in Antarctica or in the powerful astronomical observatories in northern Chile?

3- Globally recognized universities 

We have universities that are well positioned in major education rankings. 20 of them are ranked among the top 100 of Latin America in the prestigious Times Higher Education (THE) ranking.

4- Agreements with worldwide institutions 

Chile has bilateral agreements for undergraduate and graduate studies with countries in the region that facilitate access to scholarships as well as the paperwork for student visas. Likewise, Chilean universities have signed numerous agreements with institutions all over the world. 

5- Wide range of educational programs

Throughout our different institutions you will find more than 5,000 graduate and continuing education programs from which to choose. Many of these will be taught remotely and, once the coronavirus permits it, in-person classes will be resumed for people who prefer this arrangement. You will also find a good number of academic offerings at the 2nd Virtual Fair to Study in Chile (II Feria Virtual Estudiar en Chile) to be held in May this year.

More information about studying in Chile can be found on learnchile.cl


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