Marzo 19, 2021 #News of Chile in the World

Why Chile is vaccinating people faster than any other country

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One and a half doses a day per hundred inhabitants: Chile is currently vaccinating at a fast pace. Public health expert Soledad Martínez explains how this is happening and what mistakes European countries have made.

SPIEGEL: Ms. Martínez, Chile’s vaccination program is very successful by international standards. A quarter of the population has already received their first dose of vaccine against COVID-19 and a tenth has been completely immunized. No other country has administered vaccines so quickly, that is 1.5 doses a day per 100 inhabitants; not even Israel achieved that. How did you manage this?

Soledad Martínez: I can see three decisive factors: first, we have enough vaccines. Second, we have the infrastructure to vaccinate quickly. And third, we have few problems with vaccine skeptics because the pandemic here has not been politized here in the way it has in other Latin American countries. In Chile, the pandemic is not about faith, as it is in Brazil, for instance. Politics and health are two different spheres.

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