Marzo 30, 2021 #News of Chile in the World

We love Chile just like its cinema

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‘El agente topo,’ the Oscar-nominated Chilean documentary (available on Netflix) is the perfect excuse to check out the latest movies of our neighboring country, whose film industry is enjoying excellent health.

More than just renewing the desire to regain sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean, commemorating the Day of the Sea on March 23 tends to guarantee the revival of anti-Chilean feelings in Bolivia. In the days leading up to and following the anniversary of the Pacific War’s Battle of Calama, the chauvinist pomp and ceremonies achieve what politicians in this country are unable to do: unite Bolivians around one sentiment.

Sadly, this feeling is hatred, hatred toward our trans-Andean neighbors, whom we blame for (almost) all of our misfortunes. Therefore, we feel it necessary to dedicate this space to the admiration and affection many of us Bolivians have for the Chilean people, and especially, for their culture. Not without reason people say that the best antidote against hatred is culture. So, here we go

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