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This year’s Santiago a Mil Festival will use innovative formats to showcase Chilean and international talent

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From Chile to the world, #StgoaMil, one of Latin America’s foremost arts festivals, will begin this Sunday. Due to the current circumstances, this year’s festival will feature an innovative blend of virtual and traditional stages.

Over 150 Chilean and international shows from 19 countries will be part of the 28th version of the renowned Santiago a Mil Festival, which begins today in Chile under the slogan #ComingTogetherAgain. The event will run January 3-24.

Culture is essential for everyone, but during a pandemic the arts and various other areas have had to reinvent themselves. This festival will be no exception; it will include both in-person and virtual formats that will bring the talent of hundreds of creators to the entire world through technology. The stages will be as varied as the performances, which will take place in theaters, on the streets and in unconventional spaces. There will also be an extensive online schedule so that we can enjoy while taking care of ourselves.

The focus of this year’s festival will be the staging of the work of Latin American Women Creators, as well as pieces by important figures from the contemporary global scene including Marina Abramovic, Laurie Anderson, Rufus Wainwright, Joel Pommerat, Robert Lepage and Romeo Castellucci. Chile will present the talent of various world-renowned artists such as the latest from 31 Minutos, LasTesis, Delight Lab and Iván Navarro.

Theater, dance, music, opera, circus and much more will come together in this festival, which has 27 years of theater tradition. Since its inception, it has focused on the power of the arts, theater and people to come together to transform society  and create a future with more spectators interested in forms of artistic expression.

“More than a festival, Santiago a Mil is part of people’s lives. It was truly challenging to decide to move forward with the idea of holding the festival instead of just standing by. We believe that we are moving in the right direction, and that the public will value this as a space for rediscovering the performing arts, artists, our theaters and the city. We are Coming Together Again without fear, taking care of one another and we want to let ourselves be carried away again by the magic of theater and the diverse artistic languages that come together here, ” says Carmen Romero, the Director General of Fundación Teatro a Mil.

“The artists have persevered, and we have, too. Today more than ever, culture is essential and fundamental  to building identity, community and historical memory,” she adds.

Another new element of this festival is that it will reach all 15 regions of Chile for the first time through the “Creative Territories” program, an initiative that highlights local creation by offering a show for each region of the country.

Explore the program online at santiagoamil.cl.



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